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Huang Xing

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Gender Male
Death107 years ago
Date of birth October 25,1874
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Born Huangxing
Date of died October 31,1916
Years of service1894-1912
Battles and wars Xinhai Revolution
Other nameEight Fingered General
Job Statesperson
Spouse Liao Danru
Place of burialHuangxingmu, Changsha, China
Children Huang Yiou
Education Kobun Institute
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Huang Xing Life story

Huang Xing or Huang Hsing was a Chinese revolutionary leader and politician, and the first commander-in-chief of the Republic of China. As one of the founders of the Kuomintang and the Republic of China, his position was second only to Sun Yat-sen. Together they were known as Sun-Huang during the Xinhai Revolution.

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