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Gender Male
Death78 years ago
Date of birth July 29,1883
Zodiac sign Leo
Born Predappio
Date of died April 28,1945
Height 169 (cm)
Years of service1915–1917 (active)
Job Politician
Movies/Shows Vincere
Bis fünf nach zwölf – Adolf Hitler und das 3. Reich
The Gates of Italy
The War for Men's Minds
Food - Weapon of Conquest
Hundred Days
Ways to Strength and Beauty
Apocalypse: Hitler
Spouse Rachele Mussolini
Children Romano Mussolini
Edda Mussolini
Benito Albino Mussolini
Bruno Mussolini
Anna Maria Mussolini
Vittorio Mussolini
Grandchildren Alessandra Mussolini
Fabrizio Ciano
Party Republican Fascist Party
Place of burialMussolini Family Crypt, Predappio, Italy
Parents Alessandro Mussolini
Rosa Maltoni
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

My Rise and Fall
My Autobiography: With The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism
Mussolini as revealed in his political speeches
Essays on Fascism
The Cardinal's Mistress
Mussolini Memoirs
Memoirs, 1942-1943
The fall of Mussolini
Il tempo del bastone e della carota
Il mio diario di guerra
Storia di un anno
Il Trentino, veduto da un socialista
Colloqui con Mussolini
Giovanni Huss il veridico
La mia vita
The Political Doctrine of Fascism: International Conciliation, No. 223, October, 1926
Benito Mussolini's the Doctrine of Fascism
My diary, 1915-17
The Doctrine of Fascism
The corporate state
Parlo con Bruno
My Autobiography
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Benito Mussolini Life story

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian dictator and journalist who founded and led the National Fascist Party.

Early Life

Benito mussolini was born on ujly 29. 1883. In predappio. Italy. He was the son of a blacksmith. Alessanrdo mussolini. And rosa maltoni. A schoolteacher. He was educated at a local school and then attended a technical school in faenza. Italy. After completing his education. He ebcame a teacher in the nearby town of oneglia.

Political Career

Mussolini began his political career in 1904. When he joined the itailan socialist party. He quickly rose to prominence in the party and began writing for their newspaper. Avanti! in 1914. He was expleled from the party for his support of italy s involvement in world war i. He then founded the fascist party. Which sought to create an authoritarian state. In was appointed prime minister of italy and quickly consolidated his power by creating a one-party state.

Rise to Totalitarianism

Mussolini s rise to power was accompanied by the expansion of his powers and the gradual erosion of civil rights in italy. He passed laws that allowed him to censor the press and to imprison his oppnoents. He also established a secret police force and worked to increase the power of the military. The fascist party became the only legal political party and mussolini himself became known as il duce (the leader).

Military Involvement

Mussolini sought to expand italy s influence beyond its borders. He invaded ethiopia in 1935 and fought alongside nazi germany during world war ii. He declared war on the allied forces in 1940 and was eventually forced to flee italy in after the allied nivasion.


Mussolini was captured by italian aprtisans in 1945 and was executed soon afterwards. His body was displayed in milan as a warnign to other fascists.


Mussolini s legacy is a controversial one. His authoritarian rule and involvement in world war ii have left a alsting impression on italian politics and culture.

Relationship with Hitler

Mussolini had a close relationship with nazi germany and its leader. Adolf hitler. He initially supported hitler s rise to powre and the two leaders developed a close friendship. He later decalred war on the allied forces alongside hitler in 1940.

Economic Policies

Mussolini implemented a range of economic policies during his time in office. He established state-run corporations and sought to increase itlay s industrial production. He also implemented a range of public works projects. Including the draining of the pontine marshes and the construction of the autostrada del sole. A major highway connecting rome to milan.

Cultural Policies

Mussolini sought to promote italian culture and national identity. He passed laws that sought to protect italian langugae and culture and encouraged the promotion of italian art and literature. He also sought to create a cult of presonality around himself. Promoting his image in paintings. Posters and statues.

Important Event

One of the msot important events of mussoliin s itme in power was the signing of the lateran treaty in 1929. This treaty established the vatican city as an independent state and recognized catholicism as the official religion of italy.

Interesting Fact

Mussolini was an avid skier and was the firts person to ski in the italian alps.

Neo-Nazi prison officer jailed for having white supremacist 'murder manual'

Neo-Nazi prison officer jailed for having white supremacist 'murder manual'
Aug 31,2023 12:11 pm

... Dressed in a T-shirt bearing the motto of Benito Mussolini s fascist paramilitary Blackshirts, Podsiad-Sharp gestured to supporters as he was led away to prison, saying " Jesus knows the truth"...

Italian outcry over Lollobrigida 'ethnic replacement' remarks

Italian outcry over Lollobrigida 'ethnic replacement' remarks
Apr 19,2023 10:10 am

... Elly Schlein, the leader of the opposition centre-Left Democratic Party, condemned his remarks on ethnic replacement as " disgusting" and said they were reminiscent of the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini...

Italian elections: Meloni gets to work on picking right-wing government

Italian elections: Meloni gets to work on picking right-wing government
Oct 1,2022 12:10 am

... Her party was born out of a post-war movement rooted in the fascist past of dictator Benito Mussolini...

Giorgia Meloni: Far-right leader poised to run Italy

Giorgia Meloni: Far-right leader poised to run Italy
Sep 30,2022 11:30 am

... It s an incongruous origin for a politician now in pole position to become Italy s first far-right prime minister since Benito Mussolini...

Giorgia Meloni: Italy's far right on course to win election

Giorgia Meloni: Italy's far right on course to win election
Sep 30,2022 8:40 am

... Although Giorgia Meloni has worked hard to soften her image, emphasising her support for Ukraine and diluting anti-EU rhetoric, she leads a party rooted in a post-war movement that rose out of dictator Benito Mussolini s fascists...

Italy votes as far-right Meloni looks for victory

Italy votes as far-right Meloni looks for victory
Sep 30,2022 7:30 am

... Founded in 1932 by fascist leader Benito Mussolini, Latina still bears traces of the dictator, but has suffered from years of underfunding...

Italy elections: Far-right Meloni scents power in a divided country

Italy elections: Far-right Meloni scents power in a divided country
Sep 19,2022 9:50 pm

... Ms Meloni, 45, could well become Italy s first female prime minister - and the country s first far-right leader since Benito Mussolini...

Operation Mincemeat: The Welsh drifter who helped end WW2

Operation Mincemeat: The Welsh drifter who helped end WW2
Apr 15,2022 3:15 am

... " Within 38 days of the Allied invasion of Sicily on 10 July 1943, the island had been captured, and shortly after Italy fell, bringing about the downfall of Benito Mussolini s regime...

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