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Originally published 1996
Authors Judith Walzer Leavitt
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About Typhoid Mary

In this book, historian Judith Walzer Leavitt tells the remarkable story of Mary Mallon, the woman known as "Typhoid Mary". Combining social history with biography, Leavitt brings to life early-twentieth-century New York City, a world of strict class divisions and prejudice against immigrants and women. . . .

Coronavirus super-spreaders: Why are they important?

Feb 16,2020 10:19 am

Super-diffusion, where the individual patient, it is an infection to a large number of People , is a feature of almost every Outbreak of.

It is not their fault, but they can have a significant impact on the way diseases spread.

There are reports of super-diffusion, at the new Corona-Virus Outbreak , which is centered on the city of Wuhan in China.

the Briton, five in France, and possibly one in Mallorca.

What is a super-spreader?

It is a bit of a vague term with no strict scientific definition.

But it is, if a patient is infected, significantly more People than usual.

on average, each person infected with the new coronavirus is between two and three other People .

But this is only an average, some People will make it happen, to no one while others your infection far more.

How big is a super-spreading may be the case?

solid - and You can have a big impact on an Outbreak .

Most of the Ebola cases came from a small number of patients

In the year 2015, a super-spreading event resulted in used by a single hospital, patients with Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers), a coronavirus, the current virus

And in the Ebola epidemic in West Africa , in the vast majority of cases (61%) came from only a tiny handful of patients (3%).

"were It says More Than 100 new chains of transmission of only one burial in June 2014," Dr Nathalie MacDermott, from King's College London.

Why have some People more?

Some simply come in contact with much more People - either because of their work or where They Live - and That means That You can spread more of the disease, whether or not You have symptoms.

"the children are good - this is why schools close, can be a good measure," said Dr. John Edmunds of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says.

"Commercial sex-workers were very important in the spread of HIV," Prof Mark Woolhouse, of the University of Edinburgh, he says.

Others have shed "super", the publication comes with unusually large amounts of The Virus (or other errors) from your body, so someone will be in contact with You is more likely to be infected.

hospitals for the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) was a major center of super-distribution, because the sickest patients are The Most infectious, and she came in contact with many health care workers were.

How do You change an Outbreak ?

"It plays a big role at the beginning of each Outbreak , when The Virus tries to establish it," says Dr. Edmunds told Bbc News .

New infections, including the coronavirus, of the animals.

If The Jump in The First patient, the disease could have fizzled before it can to a large Outbreak .

But when foster quickly made his way into a super-spreader, then there is the Outbreak . The same rules apply when cases are imported in other countries.

"If You have a couple of super-spreaders in the vicinity, You are going to struggle to contain its Outbreak ," Dr. MacDermott says.

What will it take to stop coronavirus if it's super-spreading?

Super-spread of the new coronavirus would not be a surprise and will not change significantly, as the disease is managed.

at The moment, we are completely dependent on the determination of cases, and all You have come in contact with quickly.

"It makes That even more important - You can't afford to miss too many mistakes, You can't afford the super-spreader" Prof Woolhouse said.

it Is the super-spreader is to blame?

it has Historically, to demonize a tendency to, the super-spreader.

Mary Mallon was given the blame for the super-distribution of typhoid

"Typhoid Mary ," the Irish cook Mary Mallon (1869-1938), unwittingly Typhoid Fever , when she had no symptoms and ended up decades of exile and forced quarantine.

But in reality, it is the patient's fault.

"We need to Be Careful about the language we use," Dr. MacDermott says.

"You have done nothing wrong, That 's picked up an infection through no fault of their own.

"You are probably scared and need love and attention. "

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Source of news: bbc.com

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