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Malé Male, Maldives photograph

Malé Male, Maldives

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Area6.8 km²
Metropolitan area927
Urban area195
Weather31°C, Wind E at 26 km/h, 70% Humidity
Local timeWednesday 14:16
Population142,909 (2017)
Elevation 2.4 m
Current weather28°C, Wind NW at 18 km/h, 83% Humidity
Local timeSunday 16:45
Location statistical region population142,909
MayorDr. Mohamed Muiz
Sports teamsMaziya S&RC
Club Eagles
T.C. Sports Club
Attractions Hulhumale
Hukuru Miskiy
National Museum, Maldives
Villa College
Mandhu College Maldives
Cyryx College
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Malé Male, Maldives History

Malé is the densely populated capital of the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It's known for its mosques and colorful buildings. The Islamic Centre (Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam) features a mosque, a library and a distinctive gold dome. Near the harbor, a popular fish market offers the day's catch, and a produce market is stocked with local fruit. ― Google

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Samira Ahmed wins BBC equal pay tribunal

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Samira Ahmed wins BBC equal pay tribunal

Feb 16,2020 7:43 am

presenter Samira Ahmed has won The Employment Tribunal she brought against the BBC in a dispute over the same pay.

Ahmed, claimed she was Paid £700,000 for hosting audience feedback show Newswatch, compared with Jeremy Vine content of points of view.

their work was done by the vine, and the BBC had failed to prove the wage differential was not because of discrimination on the basis of sex.

Ahmed Said she was "glad that it is settled".

"No woman wants to have to take action against their own employer," She Said , adding: "I love working for the BBC. "

In response, the BBC insisted, the figures for Ahmed and Vine "was determined by your gender".

description Ahmed as "an outstanding journalist and Moderator," The Corporation added: "We regret that this case ever had to go to court. "

The BBC said it would move "together with Samira, in a positive Way ".

Ahmed (right) was accompanied by the BBC's Naga Breakfast Munchetty of the court of first

Tag Ahmed of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), your legal Department and "All men and women have thanked me, supported and the issue of "equal pay". She added: "now I look forward to continuing to do my work, to report on the stories and not a".

Ahmed had said the tribunal, which ended in November, that they "could not understand, how Will you pay for me, a woman, could work as much lower than Jeremy Vine , A Man , for the presentation of very similar programs and do very similar".

Vine £3,000 Per episode for Bbc One , the points of view between 2008 and 2018. Ahmed £440 Paid for Newswatch, the Breakfast on the Bbc News Channel and BBC.

'Glint in The Eye '

The court verdict, said: "the difference in The payment in this case is striking. Jeremy Vine is More Than six times was Paid for, what the plaintiff was Paid for the same work as you. "

The BBC had argued that Ahmed and vine, carried out the "very different roles". But the verdict, said The Corporation does not produce, prove the different levels of the numbers were based on the differences in the moderators ' functions, programs, and profiles.

The ruling did not say whether Ahmed the compensation, said you get, she owed.

The ruling stated: "We do not accept that the lighter tone meant to point of view, that the plaintiff's work and the Lord of the vine were largely comparable. "

Jeremy Vine hosted for a decade, until 2018

He added that, despite the BBC, the presenter of Points of View, "said needed to be" a glint in The Eye " and be naughty, we had trouble understanding what is meant by the Respondent and how this translated into a 'skill' or 'experience' the work.

"the attempts of The Humor came from The Script . Jeremy Vine read The Script from the autocue. He read it in the tone in which it was written. To roll when it told him, his eyes, which he did. It wasn't require to do a certain skill or experience. "

The BBC's legal Department, said Ahmed was Paid for, just like your Newswatch predecessors, Ray Snoddy, who She Said was her pay for the comparator, rather than the vine.

But Ahmed's closing submissions criticised the society of witnesses and evidence.

she also said the BBC's witnesses were willing to testify "about matters that you know little", and that the group "had to make again and again tried other unfair comments" about their credibility.

'Huge impact'

Analysis by Amol Rajan , BBC media editor

This is a complex judgment, with potentially large effects.

The Position of the court is, that All the arguments brought to justify the BBC, the difference in pay between Samira Ahmed and Jeremy Vine were inadequate.

In other words, The Claim that the vine more profile, the conversation requires different skills, News, and points of view, reach more people, convince the court that the difference in pay was justified.

The Burden of proof fell on the BBC to not show that this difference amounted to discrimination on grounds of sex. It is failed.

The BBC and broadcasters around the world have long thought, that to Call it a Common Sense statement, profile, fame, or stardust it what you want - justify the different compensation for speakers that work similar.

in This case, the proposition is exploded. It Will encourage many other women to get to similar cases.

The BBC has made significant progress in both the gender pay gap made in the last few years about the organization and some cases of equal pay.

But his trip to this subject, where it has sought a national example is just the beginning.

the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet said The Union would seek the full compensation payment for Ahmed.

"We are meeting with the BBC next week, and hopefully Common Sense Will prevail, the Will be solved, Samira gets her settlement and you can go further," She Said .

It was "an incredibly courageous decision, on Samira's part" to bring a case to court, Stanistreet told reporters. "You could not be more emphatic victory, an overwhelming victory," She Said .

About 20 similar cases are "in the pipeline, the actual tribunal system", with "as many as 70" unsolved at the time of the hearing, she added.

The BBC said it has worked hard to make this by The Number of cases is significantly lower.

"have solved Some of them is already satisfactory. But there is still more to sort," She Said .

the Numbers of radio and beyond tweeted their support was released after the judgment.

Stresses its commitment to equality and equal pay, the BBC said presenters - female and Male - have always been Paid more for the points of view as Newswatch.

The Corporation said: "We are not sad, the court believe that the BBC make enough evidence about some of the decisions - we were not able to people, the decisions as far back as 2008 and have long since left the BBC. "

He added that in The Past their numbers framework "was not transparent and fair enough," and that "we have made significant changes to address".

"We are glad that this satisfied the court that there was sufficient evidence to declare you have to pay now. "

in addition to the Newswatch, Ahmed also co-hosts the BBC Radio 4 arts show Front Row .

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