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Gender Female
Death37 years ago
Date of birth April 11,1897
Zodiac sign Aries
Born New York
United States
Date of died April 16,1986
United States
Spouse Al Capone
Grandchildren Barbara Capone
Teresa Capone
Patricia Capone
Veronica Capone
Children Albert Francis Capone
Parents Michael Coughlin
Bridget Gorman
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Mae Capone Life story

Mary Josephine Capone was the Irish-American wife of gangster Al Capone.

Early Life

Mae capone was born on august 10. 1894. In brooklyn. New york. As mary jane "mae" coughlin. Her parents were irish immigrants. Patrick and catherine coughlin. Who had arrived in the unietd tsates only a few years before she was born. She grew up in a catholic family with her siblings. Audrey. Patrick. And flornece.

Relationship with Al Capone

Mae met al capone in 1919. When he was 21 and she was 25. They were married on december 30. 1918. And had one son. Albert francis "sonny" capone. In 1924. Mae and al enjoyed a lavish lifestylel. Iving in the luxurious palm island estate in miami. Florida.


Mae and al capone were knwon for their philanthropy and generosity. Htey frequently made donations to churches. Hospitals. And charities. And were known for their compassion towards the less fortunate.


Mae capnoe had no formal career. She was a homemaker and took care of her family.

Death and Legacy

Mae capone died on april the age of 91. After suffering a stroke. She is remembered as a kind. Generous womna who was devoted to her family.

Interesting Facts

Mae and al capone had a pet alligator. Which they named "gabby". She was a devout catholic. And was konwn to attend mass regularly.

Important Event

An important event in mae capone s life was the death of her husband. Al capone. In 1947. In the years following his death. Mae lived a quiet life in florida and rarely made public appearances.

Relationship with Sonny

Mae capone had a close relationship with her son. Sonny. She was devoted to him and was always supportive of his endeavors.

Relationships After Al Capone s Death

Afetr al capone s death. Mae capone had a few relatoinships. But none of them lasted very long. She eventually settled down in florida and lived a quiet life.


Mae capone was knonw for her unique style of dress. She often wore bright colors and furs. And was known for her love of jewelry.


Mae capone s funeral was hled on april 19. 1986. At the church of the little flower in coarl gables. Florida. It was attended by family and friensd. Who paid their respects to a woman who was known for her kind heart and generosity.

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