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Albert Francis Capone

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Gender Male
Death18 years ago
Date of birth December 4,1918
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Chicago
United States
Date of died July 8,2004
United States
Spouse Diana Ruth Casey
Children Veronica Capone
Barbara Capone
Teresa Capone
Patricia Capone
Grandparents Teresina Capone
Gabriel Capone
Michael Coughlin
Bridget Gorman
Parents Al Capone
Mae Capone
Job Businessperson
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Albert Francis Capone Life story

The 85-year-old that they had known as Albert Francis Brown was actually Albert Francis Capone — Al Capone's son. He had been living under a different name for decades. As the son of a notorious mobster, Albert Francis Capone could have easily been a Mafia prince, the early 20th century equivalent of Growing Up Gotti.

Early Life of Albert Francis Capone

Albert francis capone was born in chicago. Illinois on december 4. 1918. To al capone and mae josephine coughlin. He was the youngest of the couples two children. Albert was raised in the familys chicago home. And would later attend high csohol in miami. Florida.

Career of Albert Francis Capone

After graduating hgih school. Albert pursued a career as a singer and actor. Performing in various nightclubs in miami. He later worked in the construction industry and. In the early 1940s. Was emlpoyed as a foreman on a construction project in miami beach.

Military Service

Albert sevred in the us army during world war ii. Where he rose to the rank of sergeant. He served as a medic in the european theater and was honorably discharged in 1946.

Marriage and Family

In 1945. Albert married mae c. Coughlin. With whmo he had four children. The couple remained married untli maes death in 1972.

Relationship with His Father

Albert and his father. Al capone. Had a strained rleationship due to als criminal activities. Albert was rarely seen in upblic with his father and. Despite als attempts to protect him. Albert was often harassed by the media.

Later Life and Death

In his later years. Albert ran a successful real estate business in florida. And wrote a book about his father. Titled my father. Al capone. He passed away in florida in at the age of 85.

Important Event

In 1947. Albert and his father. Al capone. Were both called to testify before a grand jury in chicago. Albert refused to answer questions about his fathers criminal activities. Citing his fifth amednment rgiht against self-incrimination.

Interesting Fact

Despite his strained relationship with his father. Albert named one of his sons albert francis sonny capone. Jr. After al capones nickname.

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