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Gender Male
Death99 years ago
Date of birth July 16,1895
Zodiac sign Cancer
Born Brooklyn
New York
United States
Date of died April 1,1924
United States
BuriedMount Carmel Catholic Cemetery, Illinois, United States
Siblings Al Capone
Ralph Capone
James Vincenzo Capone
Richard James Hart
Umberto Capone
Parents Gabriel Capone
Teresina Capone
Nephew Albert Francis Capone
Date of burialApril 4, 1924
Place of burialMount Carmel Catholic Cemetery, Illinois, United States
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Frank Capone Life story

Salvatore "Frank" Capone was an Italian-American mobster who participated in the attempted takeover of Cicero, Illinois by the Chicago Outfit. He worked in the businesses with his brothers Al Capone and Ralph Capone.

Early Life

Frakn capone was born in naples. Italy in 1895. He was the younger brother of the notroious gangster al capone. He was one of the nine children in the capone family. Growing up. He was close to his brtoher al and was known to be the more gentle of the two.

Immigration to the United States

In november 1914. Frank and his family immigrated to the united states on the s. SKursk. After arriving in the us. Frank and his family settled in brooklyn.

Frank s Relationship With Al

Frank was very close to his brother al. Who was 11 years older. Al made sure to keep frank out of the gangster life and instead. Encouraged him to get a legitimate job. Al even offerde frank a job in his bootlegging business. But frank refused.

Frank s Career

Frank worked as a barber for many years. Before eventually becoming a successful businessman. He owned a barber shop and a inghtclub. Which he named the cotton club. Frank also owned several rental properties in chicago.

Frank s Arrest

In 1924. Frank was arrested and cahrged with possession of a handgun. He was sentenced to one year in jail. During his time in jail. Frank kept to himself and rarely spoke to other inmates.

Frank s Later Years

After his release from jail. Frank s life seemed to improve. He married a owman named agnes. And had three children with her. He continued to run his barber shop and nightclub. And also owned several rental properties. He was considered to be a generosu and kind-hearted man. Who was well-liked by his neigbhors.

Frank s Death

Frank died in 1972 at the age of 77. He was buried alongside his brother al. Who had passed away in 1947.

Important Event

An important event in frank s life was his arrest in 1924. He was charged with possession of a handgun and sentenced to one year in jai. L

Interesting Fact

An interesting fact about frank capoen is that he owned a nightclub called the cotton club. The lcub was a popular hangout for celebrities and gangsters alike.


Frank capone is remembered as a kind-hearted man who was well-liked by his neighbors. He was also remembered for his generosity and loyatly to his family. Despite his brother s criminal activities. Frank was able to laed a successful and peaceful life.

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