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Emperor Yingzong Of Ming

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Gender Male
Death558 years ago
Date of birth November 29,1427
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Beijing
Date of died February 23,1464
1st reign7 February 1435
1 September 1449
2nd reign11 February 1457
23 February 1464
Children Chenghua Emperor
Princess Chongqing
Zhu Jianshi
Spouse Empress Qian
Empress Xiao Su
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Emperor Yingzong Of Ming Life story

Zhu Qizhen was the sixth and eighth emperor of the Ming dynasty. He ascended the throne as the Zhengtong Emperor in 1435, but was forced to abdicate in 1449, in favour of his younger brother the Jingtai Emperor, after being captured by the Mongols during the Tumu Crisis.

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