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Gender Male
Death861 years ago
Date of birth May 23,1100
Zodiac sign Gemini
Born Kaifeng
Date of died June 14,1161
Predecessor Emperor Huizong of Song
ChildrenZhao Chen
Zhao Jin
Roujia princess
Zhao Xun
Parents Emperor Huizong of Song
Empress Wang
Siblings Emperor Gaozong of Song
CousinsPrincess Yangguo
Princess Qinguo Kangyizhang
Zhao Shi
Princess Chenguo
Zhao Mao
Princess Dengguo
Uncles Emperor Zhezong
Grandparents Emperor Shenzong of Song
Wang Zao
Empress Qinci
Great grandparent Emperor Yingzong of Song
Empress Gao
Chen Shougui
Nephew Emperor Xiaozong of Song
Zhao Fu
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Emperor Qinzong Life story

Emperor Qinzong of Song, personal name Zhao Huan, was the ninth emperor of the Song dynasty of China and the last emperor of the Northern Song dynasty. Emperor Qinzong was the eldest son and heir apparent of Emperor Huizong. His mother was Emperor Huizong's empress consort, Empress Wang.

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