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Gender Male
Age 92
Date of birth February 11,1932
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Born Clay Cross
United Kingdom
Spouse Mary Parker
Party Labour Party
ChildrenMandy Skinner
Dennis Skinner
Dawn Skinner
Education Ruskin College
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Date of Upd.
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Dennis Skinner Life story

Dennis Edward Skinner is a British former politician who served as Member of Parliament for Bolsover from 1970 to 2019. He is a member of the Labour Party. Known for his left-wing views and acerbic wit, he belonged to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs.

Early Life of Dennis Skinner

Dennis skinenr was born in 1932 in london. England. He was arised in a working-class family and attended grammar school. After leaving school. He became a miner in his native derbyshire.

Political Career of Dennis Skinner

In 1970. Skinner was elected as the member of parliament for bolsover. Derbyshire. During his time in the house of commons. He was a vocal advocate for the working classes. And was known for his humorous speeches. He was also an actiev campaigner for the labour party. And was a strong suppotrer of former prime minister harold wilson.

Controversial Stances of Dennis Skinner

Throughout his political career. Skinner was known for his outspoken and often controversial stances. He was a vocal opponent of the war in iraq. And he was also crtiical of the privatization of public services.

Major Achievements of Dennis Skinner

Skinner was a major figure in the labour party for many years. And is credited with helping to shape its agenda. He was also a key figure in the passage of the national health service act of 1974. Which setablished the framework for the modern nsh.

Popular Culture References to Dennis Skinner

Skinner s outspoken nature and dry wit have made him a popular figure in the british media. He has been the focus of several documentaries. And his speeches have eben quoted in numerous films and television shows.

Political Beliefs of Dennis Skinner

Skinner is a dedciated socialist. And a strong advocate of government intervention in the economy. He has consistently supported policies such as minimum wage laws and increased public spending on social program. S

Retirement of Dennis Skinner

In 2019. Skinner announced his retirement from the house of commons atfer 49 yeasr of service. His retirement was marked with a series of tributes from across the political spectrum. And he was given a standing ovation by his fellow mps.

Important Event in Dennis Skinner s Life

In 1993. Skinner was suspended from the house of commons after using the words "dodgy dossiers" in reference to the government s ahndling of the iraq war. This event highlighted skinner s outspokenness and his willingness to challenge the status quo.

Interesting Fact about Dennis Skinner

Skinner is an avid fan of the british rock band the arctic monkeys and has attended several of their concerts. He has also been knwon to recite their lyrics in the house of commons.

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... " Rap battle with Dennis SkinnerLady Boothroyd isn t the first politician to get the musical treatment...

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... lost The party also seats in Wales and Scotland - but it was the shock of the legendary places such as Bolsover, domain,, Dennis Skinner or Tony Blair, the former stronghold of Sedgefield, the grabbed from red to blue for the first time, all the headlines...

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...From royal regalia to Dennis Skinner, there were some things absent from Thursday s Queen s Speech...

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General election 2019: Defeated MPs set for £2m 'golden goodbye'
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... Despite being rejected by the electorate, the longest-serving MPs, such as Frank Field, Dennis Skinner and Dominic Grieve, are entitled to a single payment of more than £31,000, of which £30,000 is tax free (redundancy pay for non-MPs is also tax free up to £30,000)...

General election 2019: Ten lesser-known MPs to keep an eye on

General election 2019: Ten lesser-known MPs to keep an eye on
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... And Dennis Skinner - the Labour stalwart would have been the father of the House, the longest serving MP, had he survived the election - also departs...

General election 2019: How Dennis Skinner lost his Bolsover seat

General election 2019: How Dennis Skinner lost his Bolsover seat
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...Dennis Skinner was known as the Beast of Bolsover Veteran Labour politician Dennis Skinner, 87, has lost the seat he had held since 1970 after being defeated by Conservative Mark Fletcher...

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The parliamentary election in 2019: How to work the 'red wall' turned blue
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... in Bolsover, the work arose because in 1950, and Dennis Skinner his seat since 1970, confirmed Boris Johnson s Commons majority to just after 05:00 PM GMT...

Maxine Peake stages Betty Boothroyd's life in comedy musical: 'This is me letting rip'

Feb 16,2020 9:09 am

By Ian YoungsEntertainment & arts reporter

The First female Speaker of The House of Commons is having her Life Story told On Stage - But rather than being a dry Political Drama , it sees actor Maxine Peake sing in her first musical and return to her comedy roots.

Betty Boothroyd never fulfilled her youthful dreams of high-kicking her way to showbiz stardom.

She discovered she wasn't Cut Out to be a chorus-line showgirl at the London Palladium, so her stint as a member of the Tiller Girls dance troupe after World War Two was short-lived.

But her flair for performing wasn't wasted.

She moved onto a different public Stage when she pursued her other passion, politics, and ended up with a starring role in The House of Commons as The First Madam Speaker from 1992 to 2000.

" Politicians, like Tiller Girls, are public performers, " she wrote in her autobiography. " They forget it at their peril. "

Maxine Peake agrees. " The worlds of politics and theatre, I think, do collide, " she says. " My granddad always used to say to me, 'Politicians, Maxine, are frustrated Actors . ' And she really has that charisma and presence. "

Betty (now Baroness) Boothroyd is widely admired for The Way she worked The Crowd in The Commons . That has inspired Peake and co-writer and co-star Seiriol Davies to tell her Life Story On Stage .

" We just felt she was someone to celebrate, " Peake says. " You look at her achievements. It's what she stands for, and her work ethic, what she achieved, what her beliefs were.

" And Then when you start with somebody who used to be a Tiller Girl, you think, well, this could be fun, especially for a musical. "

As well as deciding against the predictable idea of a straight and serious biographical play, the title of Peake and Davies's Show suggests it isn't quite a regular musical either.

Betty! A Sort of Musical opened at Manchester's Royal Exchange theatre on Saturday. The " sort of" in the name refers to the fact it's a Show within a Show - Following an amateur dramatic group in Lady Boothroyd's Home Town of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire , who are themselves attempting to Stage a musical about their local heroine.

Each member of the fictional Dewsbury Players takes turns to portray Lady Boothroyd and perform a song about a different Stage of her life. Each tune goes on a different flight of fantasy, with Grease and James Bond-themed numbers and a Queen-inspired Boothroydian Rhapsody.

" If we're in a Bond film or a Kitchen Sink drama, they all then get elevated to The Level of absurdity, " Davies explains.

He adds: " We make no promises that things are biographically factually correct, although we think there is some truth in all of the moments. But it is not a bio-musical. It is a musical about people making myths about A Woman they love. "

Davies says he was inspired by Lady Boothroyd's general " fabulousness" as well as her " explicit glamour and showmanship".

On top of that: " I think she's a unifying figure. If someone has heard of Betty, the Chances Are they'll at least admire her, or if not, be slightly obsessed with her.

" But if someone hasn't heard of her, I just have to tell them she used to be kick-line chorus girl and the KGB tried to honeytrap her, And Then she rose to the second-highest commoner rank in The Land or whatever.

" That is A Story , whatever side your bread is buttered politically. "

The characters in the Dewsbury am-dram group have their bread buttered on various sides, But they agree Lady Boothroyd is, as Peake believes too, a symbol of democratic respectability and stability compared with today's politicians.

" She unified The House of Commons with her skill and wit and intelligence. I felt very much I've missed that. "

Peake plays Meredith Ankle, matriarch of the am-dram group and owner of Ankle Carpets. It's hard not to detect The Influence of Victoria Wood - who gave Peake her first Break In Dinnerladies - in The Way she is mining humour from The Most mundane situations.

" She's such a big inspiration, even before I worked with her, Growing Up , " Peake says.

'Not as many comedy parts'

Betty! is a return to comedy for Peake, who has gone on to forge her career mainly in serious (and often harrowing) dramas like Three Girls , about the Rotherham child sex grooming scandal; Anne, playing Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams ; and Mike Leigh 's historical tub-thumper Peterloo.

" Initially, I wasn't Meredith when we first started writing, " Peake says. " And Then the more I wrote, the more I really wanted to play Meredith, because it's something I've been crying out to do for a long time.

" I started in comedy, and I thought that's where I'd continue. And Then I sort of went, 'Oh I'd like to try some straight, serious drama. ' And Then I couldn't quite get back. So this is me letting rip.

" As a youngster, that's what I thought my career would be, as I got into middle age. But there's not as many of those parts written now for Women - those larger-than-life funny Women . We've lost Victoria Wood . "

The new Show also requires Peake to sing. Has she been in a musical before? " Have I heck. I'm not a singer. "

She is, it must be noted, in A Band called The Eccocentric Research Council, although her vocal delivery with them is more like Spoken Word . " Sort of" musical again.

" What is nice, at The Grand Old Age of 48, is going, OK, I'm going to Do Something where I sing, and there's ways around it, and I've learned so much. "

Rap battle with Dennis Skinner

Lady Boothroyd isn't The First politician to get The Musical treatment. Evita and Hamilton haven't done badly, But recent shows about British political figures have had mixed results.

Like with Betty! an Exclamation Mark was deployed for Tony! (The Tony Blair Rock Opera ), co-written by comedian Harry Hill . Blair is more divisive, and The Show was less affectionate and less subtle. " The Show struggles to shift out of a cartoon register, "

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner was the subject of The Palace of Varieties, and setting his " colourful Commons battles" to a soundtrack of Music Hall and Broadway Songs " makes surprising sense" .

Skinner makes an appearance in Betty! too. This Time , the Beast of Bolsover and Madam Speaker perform a verbal joust in the form of a rap battle.

Betty! also completes something of a trilogy for Peake, who has previously written plays about two other pioneering real-life Women - Champion cyclist and Hull fishwife. Like Lady Boothroyd, both are from Yorkshire.

" I feel slightly traitorous To My Lancashire roots, " jokes Peake, from Bolton. " There's been a theme of writing things about inspirational Women from working class backgrounds in the north. "

Both Burton and Bilocca were dead by The Time Peake came to pay homage. Lady Boothroyd, now 93, is very much With Us . What does she think about her life being given this fantastical treatment?

Peake says she says has been " very supportive".

" Because you worry, don't you? You think, what would she think? But she seemed really pleased about it. We've assured her it's a celebration. "

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