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Gender Male
Age 92
Date of birth February 11,1932
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Born Clay Cross
United Kingdom
Spouse Mary Parker
Party Labour Party
ChildrenMandy Skinner
Dennis Skinner
Dawn Skinner
Education Ruskin College
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Date of Upd.
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Dennis Skinner Life story

Dennis Edward Skinner is a British former politician who served as Member of Parliament for Bolsover from 1970 to 2019. He is a member of the Labour Party. Known for his left-wing views and acerbic wit, he belonged to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs.

Early Life of Dennis Skinner

Dennis skinenr was born in 1932 in london. England. He was arised in a working-class family and attended grammar school. After leaving school. He became a miner in his native derbyshire.

Political Career of Dennis Skinner

In 1970. Skinner was elected as the member of parliament for bolsover. Derbyshire. During his time in the house of commons. He was a vocal advocate for the working classes. And was known for his humorous speeches. He was also an actiev campaigner for the labour party. And was a strong suppotrer of former prime minister harold wilson.

Controversial Stances of Dennis Skinner

Throughout his political career. Skinner was known for his outspoken and often controversial stances. He was a vocal opponent of the war in iraq. And he was also crtiical of the privatization of public services.

Major Achievements of Dennis Skinner

Skinner was a major figure in the labour party for many years. And is credited with helping to shape its agenda. He was also a key figure in the passage of the national health service act of 1974. Which setablished the framework for the modern nsh.

Popular Culture References to Dennis Skinner

Skinner s outspoken nature and dry wit have made him a popular figure in the british media. He has been the focus of several documentaries. And his speeches have eben quoted in numerous films and television shows.

Political Beliefs of Dennis Skinner

Skinner is a dedciated socialist. And a strong advocate of government intervention in the economy. He has consistently supported policies such as minimum wage laws and increased public spending on social program. S

Retirement of Dennis Skinner

In 2019. Skinner announced his retirement from the house of commons atfer 49 yeasr of service. His retirement was marked with a series of tributes from across the political spectrum. And he was given a standing ovation by his fellow mps.

Important Event in Dennis Skinner s Life

In 1993. Skinner was suspended from the house of commons after using the words "dodgy dossiers" in reference to the government s ahndling of the iraq war. This event highlighted skinner s outspokenness and his willingness to challenge the status quo.

Interesting Fact about Dennis Skinner

Skinner is an avid fan of the british rock band the arctic monkeys and has attended several of their concerts. He has also been knwon to recite their lyrics in the house of commons.

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Local elections 2023: Conservatives hope to retain red wall gains
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... This one-time Labour fortress five miles south of Chesterfield was the birthplace of veteran MP Dennis Skinner, who held his nearby Bolsover seat for almost 40 years...

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... " Rap battle with Dennis SkinnerLady Boothroyd isn t the first politician to get the musical treatment...

Labour leadership: The fighters of the working class?

Labour leadership: The fighters of the working class?
Feb 16,2020 9:59 am

... lost The party also seats in Wales and Scotland - but it was the shock of the legendary places such as Bolsover, domain,, Dennis Skinner or Tony Blair, the former stronghold of Sedgefield, the grabbed from red to blue for the first time, all the headlines...

What was different about this Queen's Speech?

What was different about this Queen's Speech?
Feb 16,2020 9:22 am

...From royal regalia to Dennis Skinner, there were some things absent from Thursday s Queen s Speech...

General election 2019: Defeated MPs set for £2m 'golden goodbye'

General election 2019: Defeated MPs set for £2m 'golden goodbye'
Feb 16,2020 9:17 am

... Despite being rejected by the electorate, the longest-serving MPs, such as Frank Field, Dennis Skinner and Dominic Grieve, are entitled to a single payment of more than £31,000, of which £30,000 is tax free (redundancy pay for non-MPs is also tax free up to £30,000)...

General election 2019: Ten lesser-known MPs to keep an eye on

General election 2019: Ten lesser-known MPs to keep an eye on
Feb 16,2020 9:12 am

... And Dennis Skinner - the Labour stalwart would have been the father of the House, the longest serving MP, had he survived the election - also departs...

General election 2019: How Dennis Skinner lost his Bolsover seat

General election 2019: How Dennis Skinner lost his Bolsover seat
Feb 16,2020 9:11 am

...Dennis Skinner was known as the Beast of Bolsover Veteran Labour politician Dennis Skinner, 87, has lost the seat he had held since 1970 after being defeated by Conservative Mark Fletcher...

The parliamentary election in 2019: How to work the 'red wall' turned blue

The parliamentary election in 2019: How to work the 'red wall' turned blue
Feb 16,2020 9:09 am

... in Bolsover, the work arose because in 1950, and Dennis Skinner his seat since 1970, confirmed Boris Johnson s Commons majority to just after 05:00 PM GMT...

General election 2019: Defeated MPs set for £2m 'golden goodbye'

Feb 16,2020 9:09 am

MPs who lost their seats in last Thursday's general Election have begun clearing out their offices and handing back their Parliamentary passes.

But there is one consolation prize for those who have been defeated at the ballot box.

BBC research shows former MPs made redundant by voters at The General Election - or those who stepped down just before it - Will be entitled to More Than £2m in taxpayers' money.

Under Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa ) rules, 71 defeated MPs can claim a "loss of Office payment" equal to double the existing statutory redundancy pay rate - taking into account years of service, weekly pay and age - for non-MPs.

Statutory redundancy pay - the legal minimum a company must pay to employees who have worked there for two years or More - is capped at £15,750 (£16,410 in Northern Ireland ).

Despite being rejected by the electorate, the longest-serving MPs, such as Frank Field , Dennis Skinner and Dominic Grieve , are entitled to a single payment of More Than £31,000, of which £30,000 is Tax free (redundancy pay for non-MPs is also Tax free up to £30,000).

On top of this, MPs can also claim for an additional two months' salary - around £8,400 according to Ipsa - if they continue working to close down their Office .

Dominic Grieve could be entitled to almost £40,000

It means 10 former members of Parliament could be awarded nearly £40,000 each, with the average amount defeated MPs eligible to claim totalling over £18,000.

Golden goodbye?

Ivan Lewis , former MP for Bury South, Will be entitled to a £26,000 loss of Office payment because he contested the seat during the 2019 general Election . The former Labour minister, who quit The Party in 2018 after being suspended by it, stood as an independent, but, Christian Wakeford, who defeated Labour's Lucy Brake by just 402 votes (Mr Lewis got 1,366 votes and lost His £500 deposit).

Including Mr Lewis, 11 ex MPs who defected or were kicked out of The Party they were originally elected under Will be eligible for substantial loss of Office payments.

Ivan Lewis urged Bury South constituents to support the Conservatives at the Election

Roger Godsiff , former MP for Birmingham Hall Green, was deselected as the Labour candidate ahead of the Election so ran as an independent where he was defeated heavily; he's owed £31,500.

Chris Williamson was elected in 2017 as a Labour MP but stood as an independent in Derby North This Time receiving fewer than 5% of the vote and losing His £500 deposit. He is eligible for a loss of Office payment of around £3,000.

Five former members of The Independent Group for Change Will receive 'loss of Office ' payments

According to the Ipsa rulebook, MPs are technically eligible for the loss of Office payment providing they contest the same seat they held when Parliament closed and they have been an MP for More Than two years. It is paid once the MP completes certain tasks such as submitting any expense claims.

Ineligible MPs

This criteria excludes former Labour MP for Peterborough Lisa Forbes and ex Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire Jane Dodds who were elected for 2019 in by-elections before losing their seats.

Also ineligible were MPs who defected to the Lib Dems, such as former Tory ministers Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee , and former Labour MPs Luciana Berger , Angela Smith and Chuka Umunna because they attempted, unsuccessfully, to win different seats to The Ones for which they were originally elected.

Before the Election , that Angela Smith had written to Ipsa to express her "horror" at not being eligible for her £22,000 loss of Office pay if she did not win in Altrincham and Sale West, the constituency she contested for the Lib Dems (she came third with 11% of the vote).

MPs who decide to stand down cannot claim for the loss of Office payment but are entitled to a winding-up payment equal to two months' salary after Tax .

MPs Will receive a pay rise in April

MPs currently earn £79,468 a year, which Will rise with inflation in April and there are 76 ex MPs who stood down before the 2019 general Election .

Not included in the figures is the £53,950 (£57,150 for MPs in London) winding-up budget available to MPs because this covers staff salary and pension contributions as well as practical costs such as furniture removal from offices.

Rent on any second home during the two months MPs continue to work, as well as staff redundancy payments, is covered by a separate pot policed by Ipsa .

The new rules were brought in after the 2015 Election replacing a system where defeated MPs earned one month salary for each year of service with no payment exceeding More Than the equivalent of six months' salary. Overall, the changes reduced the amount given to MPs after leaving Office .

What about pensions?

Most MPs Will qualify for a pension but how much they receive depends on A Number of factors including their age, the contributions they have made and how many years they were in Office . Former ministers get a More generous pension than backbenchers.

Their pensions are now calculated on a career-average, rather than their final salary at retirement, in line with other public sector workers, although very few MPs spend their entire working lives in Parliament.

MPs, and former MPs, have to wait until they are pension age before they can receive their pension. The main groups of MPs who might not get a pension are those who had opted out of the MPs' pension scheme or MPs with fewer than two years' service who choose to "cash in" their pension contributions.

Fixed-term contracts?

During a Parliamentary inquiry into MPs' expenses in 2016 it was suggested they serve under the equivalent of a fixed-term contract so should not be entitled to redundancy payments but overall The Committee agreed with the premise of a loss of Office payment to avoid MPs experiencing financial hardship.

The Electoral Reform Society, whilst supportive of MPs' right receive remuneration if they lose their job, are sceptical about the amounts received.

"At a time when distrust in politics is running high, it seems odd that defeated MPs can get double the maximum redundancy available to ordinary voters. There are Many Reasons people feel disenchanted, including a feeling of 'one rule for us, another for them,'" said Senior Director Willie Sullivan.

An Ipsa spokesperson said: ""An incumbent MP who was a candidate for re-Election in the same seat is eligible to receive a Winding-up Payment of two month's salary and Loss of Office Payment equal to twice their statutory redundancy entitlement. The Loss of Office Payment Will be paid to the MP once they have completed all business with Ipsa . "

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