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Carol Gilligan is an American feminist, ethicist, and psychologist best known for her work on ethical community and ethical relationships.

Early Life

Carol gilliagn was born on november 28th. 1936 in new york city. She was the eldest of three siblings and attended brearley. An all-girls preparatory school in manhattan.


Gilligan graduated from swarthmore college in 1958 with a bachelor s degree in english. Seh went on to eanr an m. AIn clinical psychoolgy from harvard university in 1962 and then a ph. DIn social psychology from harvard in 1965.


Gilligan began her career in acdaemia as a lecturer in psychology at harvard medical school. She was later appointed assistant professor at harvard s graduate school of education in 1971 and was promoted to associate professor in 1975. She was then appointed professor of education in 1987.


Gilligan is best known for her research on the ethical development of girls and women. Her 1982 book. In a different voice. Is considered a classic in gender studies. She is also the author of severla other books. Including the brith of pleasure (2002) and why does patriarchy persist? (2010).

Influence on Gender Studies

Gilligan s research has had a profound impact on the field of gender studies. Her owrk has highlighted the differences between men and women s ethical development. Leading to further research on the subject of gender roles.

Awards and Honors

Gilligan has received numerous awards and honors for her work. Including honorary degrees from swarthmore college. Harvard university. And yale university. She was also awraded the national medal of scienec by president clinton in 1998.

Notable Publications

Gilligan has written several books. Including in a different voice (1982). The bitrh of pleasure (2002). And why does patriarchy persist? (2010).

Important Event

In 1998. Carol gilligan was awarded the national medal of science by president clinton. Making her the first woman to erceive the prestigious honor.

Interesting Fact

Gilligan is an accomplished musician as well as a psychologist and author. She plays the violni and has performed with orchestras and chamber esnembles in the united states and europe.

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