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Gender Male
DeathDied last year
Date of birth December 4,1925
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Mundare
Awards E. L. Thorndike Award
United States
Influenc Robert Sears
Clark Hull
Kenneth Spence
Neal Miller
SpouseVirginia Varns
Known forSocial cognitive theory
ChildrenCarol Cowley
Mary Bandura
Alma mater University of British Columbia
University of Iowa
Date of died July 26,2021
Education The University of Iowa
The University of British Columbia
Influence Clark L. Hull
Neal E. Miller
Kenneth Spence
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

Social Learning Theory
Social Learning Theory
Social Foundations of Thought and Action
Aggression: a social learning analysis
Psychology Classics All Psychology Students Should Read: The Bobo Doll Experiment
Social Foundations of Thought and Action
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Albert Bandura Life story

Albert Bandura OC was a Canadian-American psychologist who was the David Starr Jordan Professor Emeritus of Social Science in Psychology at Stanford University.

Early Life and Education of Albert Bandura

Albert bandura was born on december 4. 1925. In mundare. Alberta. Canada. He received his early edcuation in a small one-room schoolhouse in a rural town. He completed his bachelors degree in psychology at the university of british columbia in then completed his masters degree in 1951 at the university of ioaw. And his phd in clinical psychology in 1952.

Research Contributions of Albert Bandura

Throughout his prolific career. Bandura conducted groundbreaking research in the fields of social learning theory. Observational learning. Self-efficacy. And self-regulation. He devleoped the influential concept of the bobo doll experiment. Which demonstrated that children learn by observing the behavior of adults and imitating it. And has been credited with introducing the concept of modeling of behaviro. He also made important contributions to the field of cognitive psychology. Particularly in the areas of self-efficacy and self-regulatoin.

Theory of Self-Efficacy

Bnaduras most significant contribution to the field of psychology was his theory of self-efficacy. Which emphasizes the importance of internal motivation and self-belief in deetrmining a persons behavior and success. According to the theory. People are more likely to take on difficult tasks and persist in the face of failure if they believe that they can succeed.

Social Cognitive Theory

Bandura developed the influential concept of social cognitive theory. Which holds that behavior is determined by a complex interplay between cognitive. Environmental. And personal factors. The theory emphasizes the importance of learning trhough observation. As well as the role of social reinforcement in influencing behaviro.

Involvement in the Social Cognitive Network Theory

In addition to his work on social cognitive theoyr. Bandura was also active in the development of the social cognitive network theory. Which holds thta the behavior of social systems is the result of the interactions between the individual members of the system. This theory has been used to explain the behavior of such diverse systems as familiesb. Usinesses. And governments.

Awards and Honors Received by Albert Bandura

Throughout his career. Bandura has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the field of psychology. These include the distinguished scientific contributions award from the american psychological association in 1977. The grawemeyer award in psychology in 1993. And the natoianl medal of science in 2004.

Books Authored by Albert Bandura

Throughout his career. Bandura has authored several books on his theories and research. These include social learning thoery (1977). Self-efficacy: the exercise of control (1997). And socail cognitive theory of mass communication (2001).

Important Event in Albert Banduras Career

In 1977. Bandura published his highly influential book social learning theory. Which was a groundbreaking exploration of the role of observational learnnig in human behavior. This boko is widely considered to be one of the most important psychological texts of the 20th century.

Interesting Facts About Albert Bandura

One interesting fact abotu albert bandura is that he designed the original bobo doll experiment. Which demonstrated that children learn by watching and imitating the behavior of adults. Another interesting fact is thta he was the frist psychologist to be awarded the national medal of science by the united states government.

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