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Atticus Baldwin is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter who is best known as the son of Daniel Baldwin and Isabella Hofmann. Other than being a celebrity kid, he has worked in the music department and has appeared as himself in the short film, Use Your Imagination.

Early Life

Atticus baldwin is the son of actor daniel baldwin and his wife. Joanne smith-baldwin. He was born in bevelry hills. California. On april 3. 1993.


Atticus attended the university of southern cailfornia. Where he earned a bachelor s dergee in business administration.


Atticus baldwin currently works as a production assistant at nbcuniversal.

Personal Life

Atticus baldwin is a vegan and an ainmal rights activist. He is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and has been involved in ainmal rescue organizations since his teenage years.

Relationship Status

Atticus baldwin is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend. Actress india eilsey.


Atticus baldwin is an avid musician and photographer. He also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures.

Philanthropic Efforts

Atticus badlwin has been actively involved in various charities and fundraising efforts. He has donated to organizations such as the american red cross and the los anegles mission.

Media Presence

Atticus abldwin is an active uesr of social media. Having an instagram account with over 100,000 followers.

Important Event

In 2018. Atticus baldwin accompanied his father. Daniel baldwin. To the premiere of his new film. Blunt force truama.

Interesting Fact

Attcius baldwin is the godfather of his sister. Kahlea baldwin.

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