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Capital Cheyenne
Secretary of State Edward Buchanan
Population579,315 (2017)
Zip code82054
U.S. House delegation Liz Cheney
Cities Cheyenne
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Wyoming is a western U. S. state defined by vast plains and the Rocky Mountains. Its famed Yellowstone National Park, a nearly 3,500-sq. -mile wilderness recreation area, is home to hundreds of animal species, dramatic canyons and alpine rivers. The park's gushing geysers include the iconic Old Faithful. To the south is Grand Teton National Park, known for backcountry skiing areas, forested trails and Snake River.

Coronavirus: Italy PM outlines lockdown-easing measures

Apr 27,2020 12:35 pm

Italy imposed severe restrictions on Seven Weeks ago to curb the spread of the coronavirus

Italy has outlined plans to ease the strict restrictions imposed on it, Seven Weeks to curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

the Prime Minister , Giuseppe Conte said the measures would be relaxed from 4. May, to be with people, to visit their relatives in small numbers.

Parks, factories and on construction sites classes Until September and will re-open, but the schools will not restart.

It Comes as the country recorded the lowest daily death rate in weeks.

It 260 new virus-related deaths on Sunday, the lowest daily level since 14 March. The total is now at 26,644, Europe's highest official tribute.

Italy has confirmed 197,675 cases of The Virus , according to data from the Johns Hopkins University, the persecution of the disease in the world.

Other countries such as Switzerland and Spain are also relaxing measures.

The Number of cases in Italy was not the case, and the authorities now believe, the contagion rate - The Number of people infected by each person with The Virus is low enough to justify a cautious easing of the curbs.

What has been announced?

Speaking On Television , Mr Conte outlined how the country would begin the "Phase Two" of the abolition of the coronavirus lockdown. The measures include:

It will continue no announcement on the possibility of Italy 's Football League , Serie A , also behind closed doors.

Mr Conte stressed that the social distancing the measures would have to continue for months, and worship in the Church said, would remain prohibited. He urged the people to stay a metre (3ft) away from each other.

"If we didn't take the precaution to respect measures, The Curve will go up, deaths will increase, and we have irreversible damage to our economy," the Prime Minister . "If you love Italy , to keep a distance. "

He also said that his government would mask the cap of The Price of the face at 50 cents.

What is the background?

lives have been, the Italians under a national stay-at-home, to since 9. March, with all the necessary, in order to continue within a few blocks of your door.

to open which you in some small shops, including bookstores, cleaning and stationers -. The companies have been selected as lower risk, as they attract only rarely the audience.

This is the timetable for re-opening in a country that endured hell, but it could take years to recover for it, The Bbc 's Mark Lowen in Rome.

When infections show an increase, again, is the government the necessary powers to intervene, to return to certain limitations, our correspondent adds.

What happens elsewhere?

Spain - the European country with the highest number of deaths in Italy , the lowest daily Death Toll of More Than five weeks, on Sunday, with 288 new victims. On Sunday, could the children go outside to for the First Time in Six Weeks .

In Switzerland, garden centres and hairdressers opens its doors on Monday, followed by schools and shops in which items other than food in Two Weeks .

But gatherings of More Than five people are prohibited to stay until 8. June, and it is unclear when bars and restaurants will be allowed to open.

In neighboring Germany, face masks mandatory in Public Transport . The new rules have created a great demand for The Product and, as a result, a growing shortage of skilled workers, so the government plans for the production of millions of masks in Germany.

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister , After recovering from The Virus . Mr Johnson spent a week in the hospital, including three nights in intensive care, according to the recording on the 5. April.

In the United States, where More Than 54,000 dead and over 940,000 cases, confirmed,

Eight States led by Republican Governors - Arkansas , Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota , Oklahoma, South Dakota , Utah, and Wyoming - never compulsory stay-at issued to-home orders.

On Sunday, The Second day in a row, the White house is not a coronavirus-briefing host. And in a series of tweets, President Donald Trump credit for his Work , claimed he was misrepresented by the media and not given.

according to the briefing, suggesting on Thursday that the disinfectant could be used as a treatment for The Virus . He later said that he was being sarcastic.

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Source of news: bbc.com

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