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William Sullivan photograph

William Sullivan

William Sullivan Life story

William Cornelius Sullivan was former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation intelligence operations.

William Sullivan may refer to:


William J. Sullivan (born 1939), American judge on the Connecticut Supreme Court

William H. Sullivan (1922–2013), United States diplomat

William Sullivan (Kentucky politician) (1921–2013), Kentucky state senator

William C. Sullivan (1912–1977), former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's intelligence operations

William T. Sullivan (1894–1968), Wisconsin state representative

Sir Bill Sullivan (politician) (1891–1967), New Zealand minister of labour

William P. Sullivan (1870–1925), Missouri state representative

William Wilfred Sullivan (1839–1920), premier of Prince Edward Island

William V. Sullivan (1857–1918), United States senator from Mississippi

William F. Sullivan, associate justice for the Massachusetts Superior Court


William Sullivan (cricketer) (1877-1924), Australian cricketer

William Sullivan (field hockey) (1909–1981), Indian field hockey player

Bill Sullivan (outfielder) (1853–1884), Irish baseball player

Bill Sullivan (pitcher) (1868–1905), baseball player for the Syracuse Stars

Billy Sullivan (American football) (1915–1998), owner of an original franchise, the Boston Patriots, of the American Football League

Billy Sullivan (baseball) (1875–1965), major league catcher

Billy Sullivan Jr. (1910–1994), his son, baseball catcher

William Sullivan (pitcher) (1864–1911), baseball player for the St. Louis Maroons


William John Sullivan (born 1976), software freedom activist, hacker, and writer

William Laurence Sullivan (1872–1935), Unitarian clergyman and author

William L. Sullivan (author) (born 1953), American author

William D. Sullivan, United States Navy officer

William Matheus Sullivan (1885–1947), American lawyer and art patron

William Holmes Sullivan (1836–1908), British painter

William N. Sullivan (1908–1979), American entomologist

William Kirby Sullivan (1822–1890), Irish philologist

Billy Sullivan (actor) (1891–1946), American character actor

William "Rocky" Sullivan, character in Angels with Dirty Faces

Bill Sullivan (artist) (1942–2010), American painter, printmaker and publisher

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