What to Do in Case of Fire?

What To Do In Case Of Fire?

2001 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 41m

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  • Initial release
  • Director
    Gregor Schnitzler
  • Music composed by
    Stephan Zacharias
  • -
    Stephan Gade
  • Screenplay
    Anne Wild
  • -
    Stefan Dähnert
  • Producers
    Jakob Claussen
  • -
    Thomas Wöbke
  • -
    Andrea Willson
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    When a 20-year-old bomb explodes in a mansion in modern-day Berlin, all evidence points to a notorious late-80s anarchist group. As the police start their search, the six former rebels reunite for the first time in 12 years to come up with a plan.

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