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Western Concert Flute

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Instrument family Flutes
Related instrument Piccolo
Alto flute
Bass flute
Hyperbass flute
Contrabass flute
Double contrabass flute
Contra-alto flute
Other names Boehm
Hornbostel–Sachs classification421. 121. 12; (open side-blown flute with fingerholes)
Classifications Woodwinds
Instrument family Flute
Place_of_origin Western Europe
Related instrument Flute
ClassifWoodwind; Wind; Aerophone; Edge-blown aerophone
Other nameTransverse flute, Boehm flute, C flute
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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About Western Concert Flute

The Western concert flute is a family of transverse woodwind instruments made of metal or wood. It is the most common variant of the flute. A musician who plays the flute is called a flautist, flutist, or simply a flute player.

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