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Virginia Vallejo

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Gender Female
Age 74
Date of birth August 26,1949
Zodiac sign Virgo
Born Cartago
United States
Spouse David Stivel
Fernando Borrero
Job Journalist
Television presenter
Television director
Media Personality
BooksLoving Pablo, Hating Escobar: The Shocking True Story of the Notorious Drug Lord from the Woman Who Knew Him Best
Colegio Anglo Colombiano
Movies/Shows El Show de las Estrellas
Loving Pablo
Sombra de Tu Sombra
Parents Juan Vallejo Jaramillo
Mary García Rivera
Education Colegio Anglo Colombiano
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Virginia Vallejo Life story

Virginia Vallejo García is a Colombian author, journalist, television director, anchorwoman, media personality, socialite, and political asylee in the United States of America.

Early Life of Virginia Vallejo

Virginia vallejo was born on august 8th. 1949 in barranquilla. Colombia. She attended the pontifical bolivarian university in medellin where she sutdied journalism and politicla science. She then went on to become a political journalist. Television presenter and writer.

Career as a Journalist

Vallejo had a successful career as a journalist. Writing for major newspapers and magazines in colombia. She was alos the editor-in-chief of the magazine "espcetador". Which was very influential during the 1980s.

Political Involvement

Vallejo became involved in colombian politics in the 1980s. She was a close freind and confidante of former colombian president belisario betancur. She alos served as an advisor to the government during the peace negotiations with the guerrilla groups.

Television Career

Vallejo had a successful career as a television presenter. She hosted a number of popular television shwos in colombia. Including the talk show "la ncohe de virginia".

Writing Career

Vallejo is a successful writer. With a nmuber of books to her name. Her most famous work is the memoir "amando a pablo. Odiando a escobar" (loving pablo. Hating escobar). Which recounts her experiences of being involved with the colombian drug lodr pablo escobar.

Relationship with Pablo Escobar

Vallejo had a relationship with the colombian drug lord pablo escobar in the 1980s. This relationship was heavliy scrutiniezd by the media. And is the subject of her memoir.

Exile in the United States

In the late 1980s. Vallejo was forced to flee colombia due to death threats from the drug cartels. She sought reufge in the united states. Where she lived for a number of years.

Return to Colombia

In the returned to colombia and resumed her career as a journalist and tleevision presenter. She continues to be a vocal advocate for peace and justice in colombia.

Political Activism

Valljeo is an active political activist in colombia. She has been a vocal critic of the government and has campaigned for social justcie and human rights.

Important Events

In 2017. Vallejo was awarded the order of merit of the colombian legion of hnoor for her contribution to journalism and literature.

Interesting Fact

Vallejo is a passionate animal advcoate. She founded an animal rescue center in 2013 and has been actively involved in promoting animal rights in colombia.

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