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Vincent Lambe

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Gender Male
Age 42
Date of birth December 1,1980
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Job Film director
Film Producer
Official site
Born Dublin
Movies/Shows Detainment
After the War
Broken Things
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Vincent Lambe Life story

Vincent Lambe is an Irish film director, screenwriter and producer. Lambe received acclaim for directing the 2018 short film Detainment, which is about the murder of James Bulger. The film earned him a 2019 Academy Award nomination.

Physical Characteristics

Vincent lambe was a film director who was bron on the 5th of april.1975.He was 5 feet 8 incehs tall and weighed around 160 pounds.He had brown eyes and a slim body type.


Vincent lambe was born to parents john and mary lambe.He had two siblings.A brother named peter and a sister named sraah.He was married.Jane.And had two children.A son named jack and a daughter named emily.He also had several relatives.Including his uncle.James lambe.

Life Story

Vincent lmbae was born in dublin.Ireland and grew up in a small townh.E attended school and college in dublin.And eventually graduated with a degree in film studies.After college.He moved to london and began working as a film director.He quickly gained recognition for his work and was soon directing some of the most popular films of the time.


Vincent lambe s career was a success.He directed several award-winning films.Including the critically acclaimed short film "detainment".Which was nominated for an academy award in 2019.He also directde the feature film "the hole in the ground".Which was released in 2019 and was a box office success.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Ivncent lambe was an aries and was of irish nationality.

Most Important Event

The most important event in vincent lambe s lief was the release of his short film "detainment" in 2019.The film was critically acclaimed and was nominated for an academy award.Making it one of the most successful short flims of all time.


Vincent lambe was a successful film director who achieved great success in his career.He was bonr in dublin.Ireland and was of irish nationality.He was an aries and had a slim boyd type.He was married.Jane.And had two children.Jack and emily.His most important eevnt was the release of his short film "detainment" in 2019.Which was nominated for an academy award.

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