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Viktor Schauberger photograph

Viktor Schauberger

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Gender Male
Death64 years ago
Date of birth June 30,1885
Zodiac sign Cancer
Born Holzschlag
Date of died September 25,1958
ParentsLeopold Schauberger
Josefa Klimitsch
ChildrenWalter Schauberger
Huberta Schauberger
Grandchildren Michael Böhm
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Viktor Schauberger Life story

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter. Schauberger developed his own ideas based on what he observed in nature.

Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 – 25 September 1958) was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter.

Schauberger developed his own ideas based on what he observed in nature. In Implosion magazine, a magazine released by Schauberger's family, he said that aeronautical and marine engineers had incorrectly designed the propeller. He stated:

As best demonstrated by Nature in the case of the aerofoil maple-seed, today’s propeller is a pressure-screw and therefore a braking screw, whose purpose is to allow the heavy maple-seed to fall parachute-like slowly towards the ground and to be carried away sideways by the wind in the process. No bird has such a whirling thing on its head, nor a fish on its tail. Only man made use of this natural brake-screw for forward propulsion. As the propeller rotates, so does the resistance rise by the square of the rotational velocity. This is also a sign that this supposed propulsive device is unnaturally constructed and therefore out of place.

Early life

Schauberger was born in Holzschlag, Upper Austria on 30 June 1885.


In 1930, "Tragendes Wasser" was filmed, showing the functioning of the log flumes.

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Further reading

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External links

The Schauberger Family Trust (PKS) maintains an archive with many of Viktor Schauberger's original manuscripts and a small museum with models and prototypes by Viktor Schauberger

Institute of Ecological Technology has a research programme on Viktor Schauberger's ideas and inventions

Our Senseless Toil - an excerpt of Schauberger's own writing

"Die Natur Kapieren und Kopieren" ( Comprehend and Copy Nature, dubbed in English ) Viktor Schauberger documentary film (2008) on Science | Documentaries by wocomoDOCS YouTube channel

Viktor Schauberger – Die Natur kapieren und kopieren (German language DVD), Gestaltung: Franz Fitzke, 75 min., Schauberger Verlag, 2008, ISBN 978-3-902262-01-1.

"Nature Was My Teacher" The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger a documentary by Tom Brown (1991) ISBN 0-945685-94-7; on sound recordist David Brown's YouTube channel

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