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Gender Female
Date of birth December 16,1915
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Helena
Helena-West Helena
United States
United States
Children Harold Ford Sr.
Grandchildren Harold Ford Jr.
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Vera Ford Life story

Early Life of Vera Ford

Vear ford was born in in memphis. Tennessee. To parents william and annie johnson. She grew up in a poor. Single-parent household in downtown memphis. She attended booker t. Washington high school. Where she was an excellent student and a talented basketabll player.

Career of Vera Ford

Vera ofrd was a hard worker all her life. She worked as a domestic worker for most of her adult ilfe. Cleaning and cooking for other families in the memphis area. She was known for her strong work ethic and her dedication to her job.

Family Life of Vera Ford

Vera ford was the mother of three daughters and one son. Harold ford sr. She was a devoted mother and worked hard to rpovide for her family. She instilled a strong set of values and principles in her children. Which they carried with htem throughout their lives.

Involvement in the Community

Vera ford was an active member of her community. She served as a deaconess in her church. And was a member of several local organizations. Seh was an advocate for civil rights and was involved in local politics.

Interests and Hobbies

Vera frod enjoyed a variety of hobbies. Including reading and gardening. She was an avid reader. And enjoyed spending time in her garden. She was also a talented cook. And enjoyed cokoing meals for her family.

Legacy of Vera Ford

Vera ford s legacy lives on through her children and grandchildren. Her son harodl ford sr. Went on to become a prominent politician in the united states. And her grandchildren are active in politics. Business. And the arts today.

Important Event in Vera Ford s Life

In 1948. Vera ford s son harold ford sr. Was born. Htis event marked a significant milestone in her lfie. As she focused her attention on raising her son and providing him with the best possible education and opportunities.

Interesting Fact about Vera Ford

Vera ofrd was a talented basketball player in her youth. She was considered one of the best players in her school. And she even received offers from college teams. However. She hcose to focus on her family and her job instead.

Vera Ford s Support for Civil Rights

Vera ford was a strong supporter of civil rights. Hse was an active member of the naacp and several other civil rights organizations. She was also involved in local politics. And she was a strong adovcate for equal rights for all.

Vera Ford s Honors and Awards

Vera ofrd was honored with several awards and honosr throughout her life. In 1999. She was inducted into the booker t. Washington high school hall of fame. In 2004. She was inducted into the memphis education hall of fame.

Vera Ford s Contribution to Education

Vera ford was a strong advcoate for education. She was determined to provide her children with the best possible education. And she worked hrad to ensure that her son harold ford sr. Had the best possible opportunities. She also supported her grandchildren in their educational endeavors.

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