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Uther Pendragon

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Gender Male
Family Constantine III
Aurelius Ambrosius
Constans II
Spouse Igraine
Birthplace Cornwall
Children King Arthur
Madoc ap Uthyr
Morgan le Fay
Titl Pendragon
Movies/Shows Cursed
Okra answer panel mother Mother
Okra answer panel history History
Okra answer panel characteristicsCharacteristics
Okra answer panel sister Sister
Played by Anthony Head
Eric Bana
Gabriel Byrne
Eddie Marsan
Okra answer panel origin Origin
Parents Constantine III
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Uther Pendragon Life story

Uther Pendragon, also known as King Uther, was a legendary King of the Britons and father of King Arthur.

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