The Trials of Henry Kissinger

The Trials Of Henry Kissinger

2002 ‧ History/Political cinema ‧ 1h 20m

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  • Initial release
  • Director
    Eugene Jarecki
  • Narrated by
    Brian Cox
  • Box office
    United States
  • Screenplay
    Christopher Hitchens
  • -
    Alex Gibney
The Trials of Henry Kissinger Profiles
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    Decades after he left Washington, Henry Kissinger remains a divisive figure in American politics. Journalist Christopher Hitchens, who believes Kissinger should be labeled a war criminal, builds his case by shedding light on the high-ranking diplomat's many shadowy foreign actions, including an unauthorized bombing raid in Cambodia and a purported plot to oust Chilean leader Salvador Allende. Legal experts and former government officials also discuss Kissinger's controversial career. … MORE

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