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Initial release Germany
Directors Tom Tykwer
Box office60. 2 million USD
Screenplay Eric Singer
Production companies Columbia Pictures
Atlas Entertainment
Relativity Media
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About The International

Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) joins forces with New York prosecutor Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) to put an end to a powerful bank's funding of terrorism. As they follow the money from Germany to Italy to New York to Turkey, Salinger and Whitman find their own lives are at risk from those who will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

Essequibo: Venezuelans vote to claim Guyana-controlled oil region

Essequibo: Venezuelans vote to claim Guyana-controlled oil region
Dec 4,2023 12:51 am

... In 2018, hoping to establish its claim on the territory, Guyana filed a case at The International Court of Justice (ICJ) that will establish whether the decision of the 1899 tribunal should stand...

Solar panels used by British Army linked to claims of forced labour in China

Solar panels used by British Army linked to claims of forced labour in China
Dec 2,2023 7:21 pm

... Global dominanceSolar power is huge source of renewable energy and one of the cornerstones of The International effort to curb climate-warming carbon emissions...

Oil firms commit to major fossil fuel cut by 2050 at COP28

Oil firms commit to major fossil fuel cut by 2050 at COP28
Dec 2,2023 7:11 am

... The International Energy Agency has previously said that if the world drills more new oil and gas then the world will not meet its climate pledges, including limiting temperature rise to no more than 1...

COP28: Huge rise in oil drilling expected from hosts UAE

COP28: Huge rise in oil drilling expected from hosts UAE
Dec 1,2023 7:11 pm

... The United Arab Emirates state oil firm Adnoc may drill 42% more by 2030, according to analysts considered The International gold standard in oil market intelligence...

Sandra Day O'Connor: A ranch girl who became 'queen of the court'

Sandra Day O'Connor: A ranch girl who became 'queen of the court'
Dec 1,2023 12:31 pm

... " I had never been a law clerk there, I had never tried a case at court, " O Connor told The International Bar Association...

Mia Schem: Wounded festival-goer in Hamas hostage video freed

Mia Schem: Wounded festival-goer in Hamas hostage video freed
Dec 1,2023 5:51 am

... Images on Thursday showed Schem being handed to humanitarian organisation The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - along with Amit Soussana, a 40-year-old lawyer...

Climate crisis: Three women helping wildlife survive

Climate crisis: Three women helping wildlife survive
Nov 30,2023 9:21 pm

... The crisis is contributing to the risk of extinction of 12,260 threatened species, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently calculated...

Russia: LGBT groups could be declared 'extremist' in court ruling

Russia: LGBT groups could be declared 'extremist' in court ruling
Nov 30,2023 1:11 am


Russia: LGBT groups could be declared 'extremist' in court ruling

Nov 29,2023 11:41 pm

By Steve RosenbergRussia editor, Moscow

In Moscow men holding reindeer antlers above their heads are dancing around a stage. It is a traditional marriage ceremony originating from the Far North of Russia.

Bride and groom, Ilona and Alexander, are sitting by a mock campfire and observing time-honoured rituals, like the ripping of cloth and a dance with animal furs.

This is one of a series of weddings from different parts of Russia that are being held at an exhibition promoting patriotism and " traditional values".

Ceremony over, the registrar declares: " In accordance with The Family Code of The Russian Federation, I now pronounce you husband and wife! "

Russia's constitution was changed three years ago to make it clear that marriage means a union between A Man and A Woman . All the weddings at The Exhibition feature a bride and groom.

Non-traditional couples in Russia enjoy no such stage: same-sex unions are not recognised here.

What's more, in recent years Russia's LGBT Community has come under increasing pressure from The Authorities . In 2013, a law was adopted prohibiting " the propaganda [amongst minors] of non-traditional sexual relations".

Last Year , those restrictions were extended to all age groups in Russia. References to LGBT people have been deleted from books, films, adverts and TV shows. Earlier this month, one Russian TV channel discoloured a rainbow in a South Korean pop video, to avoid being accused of violating the " gay propaganda" law.

Now Russia's justice ministry has filed a motion with the Supreme Court to have what it calls the " International LGBT public Movement " declared an " extremist" organisation and banned. Even though no such organisation exists as a legal entity.


If the Supreme Court supports The Request , what will be the consequences?

" I think this will mean that anyone whom The State considers an LGBT activist could receive a long prison sentence for 'participating in an extremist organisation', " believes Sergei Troshin, a municipal deputy in St Petersburg who came out as gay Last Year . " For the organiser of such a group, The Prison term will be even longer.

" This is real repression. There is panic in Russia's LGBT Community . People are emigrating urgently. The actual word we're using is evacuation. We're having to evacuate from Our Own country. It's terrible. "

At the Duma, the lower house of The Russian parliament, they take a different view.

" This is not about sexual minorities or the Private Life of individuals. It's more about the political agenda proclaimed by this LGBT international Movement , " says Vitaly Milonov , a famously homophobic MP from the ruling party, United Russia .

" They have their own tasks, their own goals. They act as a political force, a political structure and the goals of this structure contravene The Russian Constitution. "


" You talk about a political structure, " I respond. " But there isn't a Movement called the 'International LGBT public Movement . ' How can you ban something that doesn't exist? "

" Oh, it's easy, " Mr Milonov replies. " We can ban any activities from LGBT international organisations here in Russia. That's nice. We don't need them.

" And I'm Looking Forward to The Next step: banning the six-colour rainbow flag. We don't need this flag. It's a symbol of The Fight with the traditional family. I hope that no-one can show this flag in Russia. "

Under Vladimir Putin , the Kremlin has embraced an ideology centred around conservative thinking and " traditional family values". The Authorities portray LGBT activism as something inherently Western and hostile to Russia. Pressure on the LGBT Community is presented as a means of defending the moral fabric of Russia.

And is it also a potential vote winner?

" I think [the Supreme Court hearing] is linked to the presidential election next March, " believes Sergei Troshin. " [The Authorities ] are creating an artificial enemy. "

" They say 'We Are battling The West '. The Battle with LGBT people fits in with this anti-Western rhetoric. Fighting both The West and the LGBT Community is popular amongst The Conservative , anti-Western part of society. So this topic will be pushed in the run-up to the election. "

" They're trying to distract attention from more important problems, which The Russian authorities don't want people to think about, " says Maxim Goldman. He works for a Russian organisation that has been offering support to transgender and non-binary people.

" As soon as we heard about the Supreme Court hearing, The People who run our organisation realised we would have to leave the country urgently. It became an emergency. "

I'm speaking to Maxim, who identifies himself as non-binary, on his final day in Russia. He has packed a small suitcase and is about to head to The Airport .

" I feel totally rejected by My Own country, " says Maxim. " We're supposed to have a democracy here. The People we put in power are supposed to Take Care of us.

" But The Opposite is happening. They're punishing us. They're wiping their feet on us. I'm being forced out. "

For now, municipal deputy Sergei Troshin is staying. But he has no illusions.

" I have spoken a lot in The Past about LGBT rights, " Sergei tells me. " It's possible this will be enough to launch a Criminal Case against me. I hope not, but maybe. And this is terrifying.

" Russian society is soaked In Fear . With every word you're crossing a mine field. Say one thing and it might land you in prison for five years; say Something Else , and you'll get ten or fifteen years behind bars. "

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