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The Apostle

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    Robert Duvall
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    21. 28 million USD
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    Robert Duvall
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    After Sonny (Robert Duvall), an eccentric Pentecostal preacher, learns that his wife is having an affair, he beats her lover into a coma and flees the state of Texas. Now in a small Louisiana town, Sonny goes by the name of "Apostle E. F. " and opens a new church with the help of a retired reverend (John Beasley). While battling personal demons and injecting new life into his congregation, Sonny dates a radio station worker (Miranda Richardson) and searches for peace in his new life.

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  • 2527312 Strongman Putin stokes patriotism in small-town Russia

    Number of words : 907 Number of sentences : 67 Number of paragraphs : 37

    Kolomna is Home to many stunning.

    This ancient Russian city has a Kremlin and a variety of onion towers of monasteries and churches.

    But what my eye catches a neat nine-storey apartment block away from the train station.

    I say ordinary. But that was before someone has a huge wall image of Vladimir Putin , painted on the side of The Building .

    an Apartment Block 25 naked on Polyanskaya Street, President Putin half-dressed only with a towel and sporting bulging muscles. He is pictured, holds The World , such as Atlas, The Titan from Greek Mythology , the hero of the heavenly sky.

    the Atlas was famous for his endurance. So Mr Putin is: he has been in power in Russia since 20 years. The Residents of the Apartment Block 25 does not appear to be in a hurry to see him go.

    President Putin visited a perinatal centre in Kolomna two years ago

    "Putin has Russia's position in The World for the better," says Vladimir to me. "Let him another 10 years in office. "

    "I was 10, when Putin came to power," says Ilya. "Now I'm 30. I can't really imagine any other leader. "

    "We live badly," says Tatiana, "but at least The World is taking note of Putin. "

    'It is War , eh'

    the Patriotic youth centre across the city, high-school students a film about a Local Hero will be shown. Vasily Zaitsev , an ACE Fighter Pilot in the second World War was twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union .

    A statue of the World War Two Russian Fighter Pilot Vasily Zaitsev sitting in The Middle of the city,

    President Putin is a key element of the Russian national idea of the Soviet victory in the second World War .

    But the way I am, there is a fine line between patriotism and nationalism.

    Vyacheslav Burilov, the former head of the Kolomna Flying Club (Helicopter section) gets up to give a speech.

    "Unfortunately, Our Country , which destroyed the USSR," he tells the young audience.

    "And much of Russia's land was not, in other countries what is right. Like the Ukraine, white Russia, parts of the Baltic States and part of Kazakhstan. You need to ensure that this land is returned to a Larger Russia. And don't be afraid if you hear people say, 'It's not his War may. "It will be War anyway. "

    The Students respond with applause.

    I follow The Group as they walk through the muddy streets of Kolomna to Vasily Zaitsev memorial and place red carnations. Mr Burilov of " the Flying Club. Amazed by his call to arms, I draw near to him.

    "What you are asking," I tell him, "it means a major War . "

    Vyacheslav Burilov, the former head of the Kolomna airfield

    "It is not a big War ," he assures me. "We have nuclear weapons. If our authorities are resolute and strong, our opponents will not want to fight. "

    A Man named Alexander joins our conversation and begins to criticize The Authorities .

    "the only time you think of us, if you need, our taxes, our votes, or Cannon Fodder for their wars. There are so many negative Things . "

    hear my accent in Russian, he suddenly goes quiet.

    "Just a minute, are you a citizen of Russia?" he asks.

    "no, I'm British. "

    "In this case, there is no point in me spouting," concludes Alexander. "Just so you know, we love Russia, we love Our Country . We are patriots!"

    For Some in Kolomna important battles are closer to Home .

    < p > landfill in Kolomna was closed recently, after protests

    brings The Local activist Vyacheslav Yegorov me to a garbage dump on the outskirts of Kolomna. Worried by its overuse and harmful smell, activists fought hard to have the dump closed.

    Its closure is a victory for people power. But only in part. In connection with the protests, Vyacheslav ads is facing criminal charges. One of the leading Russian Human Rights group Memorial, the conclusion that the procedure against him as politically motivated.

    Vyacheslav claims that Russia's FSB had a secret service tries to weaken the protests, by trying to discredit him.

    "they claimed I worked for the U.S. State Department, and I had billions stashed in Swiss Bank accounts," he told me.

    Some of the pensioners, many of whom have, in the queue for soup

    Back in town, I go to The Church of St John The Apostle , where a priest will recite prayers at The Soup kitchen.

    For the two dozen pensioners snake here, the only battle, the run - in difficult economic circumstances - for their own survival.

    "My gas and electricity were cut off," Olga tells me. "I have to pay no money to The Bills . My pension won't cover it. And as for the prices in the shops, everything is so expensive. "

    Olga tells me, it is only The Free meals, bring them to The Church . She comes here to pray.

    A Church in Kolomna

    in Kolomna The Power of prayer is legendary. According to a story, when the city was attacked by foreign invaders, hundreds of years ago, the townsfolk in a Church refuge. If you prayed for help, the ground opened, and The Church and members of the community under the ground hidden, while the bells of The Church , The Local soldiers inspired to fight.

    In today's Russia, part of the population count to allow their President a better life. Others have decided, you can count only on themselves.

    And Some Russians are still hoping for a Miracle .

    russia, vladimir putin
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