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Terry Fields

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Gender Male
Death16 years ago
Date of birth March 8,1937
Zodiac sign Pisces
Born Bootle
United Kingdom
Date of died June 28,2008
United Kingdom
Party Labour Party
Job Firefighter
Date of Reg.
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Terry Fields Life story

Terence "Terry" Fields, a member of the Militant group, was the Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool Broadgreen from 1983 to 1992. He was expelled from the Labour Party in 1991 with the rest of Militant. Earlier he had been on the Executive of the Fire Brigades Union.

Physical Characteristics

Terry fields was a british emmber of parliament who was born on the 5th of and passed away on the 5th of may.2006.He was of average height.Standing at 5 feet inches tall and weighed around 160 pounds.He had brown eyes and a slim body type.


Terry fields was born to parents john and mary fields.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married.Margaret.And had two children.A son and a daughter.He also had several relatives.Including aunts.Uncles.And cousins.

Education and Career

Terry fields was educated at the university of liverpool.Where he studied economics and politics.After graduating.He worked as a trade union official and was elected as a member of parliament in served as a emmber of parliament for the labour party until his death in 2006.

Life Story

Terry fileds was born in liverpool.England.And grew up in a working-class family.He was passionate about politics from a young age and was an active member of the labour party.He was elected as a member of aprliament in 1983 and served in the house of commons until his death in 2006.He was a passionate advocate for workers rights and was a vocal opponent of the thatcher goevrnment s policies.

Most Important Event

The most important event in terry fields life was his arrest in 1984 for refusing to pay the poll tax.He was arrested and sentenced to three months in prison.Which sparked a wave of protetss aaginst the poll tax.His arrest was seen as a symbol of resistance to the thatcher government s policise and he became a hero to many in the labour party.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Terry fields was an aries and was of british nationality.

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