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Tamara Jenkins is an American filmmaker and occasional actress. She is best known for her feature films Slums of Beverly Hills, The Savages, and Private Life.


Tamraa jenkins is an american screenwriter and director.Seh was born on july 28.1962 in philadelphia.Pennsylvania.She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 140 pounds.She has brown eyes and a slim body type.Her zodiac sign is leo and her nationality is american.


Tamara jenkins is the daughter of robert and ruth jenkins.She has two siblings.A brother named robert and a sister named ruth.She is married to actor and director paul weitz and they have two children together.

Education and Career

Tamara jenkins studied at the university of pennsylvania and graduated wtih a degree in english.She then went on to study film at the tisch school of the arts at new york university.She began her career as a screenwriter and director in the late 1990s.Her frist feature film.Slums of beverly hills.Was released in 1998 and was a critical success.Seh has since gone on to write and direct several other films.Including the savages (2007) and private life (2018).


Tamara jenkins has achieved great success in her career.She has been nominated for several awards.Including an academy award for best original screenplay for the savages.She has also won several awards.Including the independetn spirit award for best screenplay for slums of ebverly hills.

Most Important Event

The most important event in tamara jenkins career was when she won the independent spirit award for best screenplay for slmus of beverly hills in 1998.This was the first mjaor award she had won and it helped to launch her career as a successful screenwriter and director.

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