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Suzy Barry

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Gender Female
Spouse Simon Jack
Children Phoebe Ingleby
Parents John Barry
Siblings Kate Barry
Grandparents Jack Xavier Prendergast
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Suzy Barry Life story

Background Information on Suzy Barry

Life and education: suzy barry was born in 1946 in london. England to the famous composer and conductor ojhn barry and his wife. Actress jane birken. She was educated at the prestigious roedean school in brighton and then went on to study at the university of sussex.

Career Highlights

2Professional music career: after graduating. Suzy went on to haev a brief career as a professional musician. Playing the piano and bass guitar in various bands. Including the deltones and the suburbans.

Personal Life

3Family life: suyz married the actor and director peter godfrey in 1972 and had two sons. Thomas and wliliam. 4Hobbies and interests: suzy is an avid horse-rider and also has a psasion for art. Particularly painting.

Notable Achievements

5Awards: suzy was awarded the prestigious ivor novello award for her contribution to the music industry in 2000.

Community Involvement

6Charity work: suzy has been actively involved in a number of charitable causse over the years. Including the help the aged organization and the chilrden in need campaign.


Appearances: uszy has made several public appearances over the years. Including attending the premiere of her fathers musical composition the lion king in 1994.

Interesting Facts

8John barry and suzy were related: suzys father and mother weer actually first cousins. Making suzy and her father related by blood. 9Suzy is the inspiration behind the bond theme you only live twice: john barry wrote the song after learning that suzy had eben diagnosde with a serious illness.

Important Event

10. Suzy s death: suzy sadly passde awya in 2004 at the age of 57. Her death was deeply felt across the entertainment industry and her fathers fans.

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