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Strangest Weather on Earth photograph

Strangest Weather On Earth

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First episode dateAugust 11, 2013
Networks The Weather Channel
GenresEnvironmental Program
Cast Mike Theiss
Oct 25, 2015
Derek Muller
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EpisodesEpisodesS03 E08 · Weather Mystery and MayhemNov 1, 2015 S03 E07 · Technicolor WeatherOct 25, 2015 S03 E06 · Noisy NatureOct 18, 2015 View 25+ more
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Strangest Weather On Earth History

The weather isn't always as simple as whether or not it's going to rain. Sometimes nature creates phenomena that are rarely encountered. This series takes a look at some of these much-less-usual conditions, with eyewitness accounts and with meteorological and other explanations for the events from scientists in various fields. So, next time you see fish raining down from the sky, remember that there may be scientific justification for the circumstances. … MORE

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