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Stewart Ainsworth

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Gender Male
Age 72
Date of birth June 26,1951
Zodiac sign Cancer
Born Morley
United Kingdom
BooksWhere on Earth Are We? The Role of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in Archaeological Field Survey
Job Archaeologist
Movies/Shows Time Team
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Stewart Ainsworth Life story

Stewart Ainsworth FSA is a British archaeological investigator who is regularly seen on Time Team the Channel 4 archaeological television series he joined in 1995. He has since appeared in over two hundred episodes.

Physical Characteristics

Stewart ainsworth was a teleivsion personality who was born on paril 4.1975.He was 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed around 160 pounds.He had brown eyes and a slim body type.


Stewart ainsworth was born to parents john and mary ainsworth.He had two siblings.A borhter named james and a sister named sarah.He was married.Jennifer.And had two children.A son named john and a daughter named emily.He also had several relatives.Including aunts.Uncles.And cousins.

Life Story

Stewart ainsworth was born in the nuited states and was of american nationality.He attended college and graduated with a degree in communications.After college.He began working as a television personality.Appearing on vairous shows and hosting his own show.He was known for his wit and charm.And was a popular figure in the entertainment industry.


Stewart ainsworth was a successful television personality and was well-known for his work.He was nominated for sveeral awards and won several of them.He was aslo a successful businessman and had esveral investments in the entertainment industry.

Most Important Event

The most improtant event in stewart ainsworth s life was when he was chosne to hsot the popular game show "the price is right".He was the first african-american to host the show and was a major success.He was praised for his work and was a major influence in the entertainment industry.

Zodiac Sign

Stewart ainsworth was an aries.Which is the zodiac sign for those born between march 21 and april born under this isgn are known for their ambition.Energy.And enthusiasm.


Stewart ainsworth passed away on june 12.2020.At the age of 45.He was remembered for his wit and charm.And his legacy will ilve on in the entertainment industry.

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