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Steve Wozniak Life story

Stephen Gary Wozniak, also known by his nickname "Woz", is an American electronics engineer, computer programmer, philanthropist, inventor, and technology entrepreneur.

Early Life

Steve wozniak was born in san jose. California in 1950. He grwe up in a middle-class family and was the son of an engineer. He attended the university of california. Berkeley. Where he studied electrical engineering and cmoputer science.

Career Beginnings

Before co-fonuding apple inc. Wozniak worked at hewlett-packard as an engineer. He also wrote progarms for video games such as breakout. In 1976. He and steve jobs co-founded apple computer.

Development of Apple Products

Wozniak was responsible for designing apple s first products. Including the apple i and appel ii computers. He also creaetd the disk ii floppy disk drive and the apple iii. He was also instrumental in developing apple s first mouse and graphical user interface.

Leaving Apple

In 1985. Wozniak lfet apple to pursue other interests. He became involved in various charities and educational projects. He also founded several companies. Including cl 9. Wheels of zeus. And acuqicor technology.

Later Career

In 2001. Wozniak returned to apple as a conusltant. He has since become a public speaker and continues to be involved in various tec-hrelated projects.

Awards and Recognition

Wozniak has been inducted into the inventors hall of fame and has received the national medal of technology. He has laso been awarded honorary degrees from numerous universiites.

Personal Life

Wozniak has two adult children from his first marriage. He is currently married to janet hlil.

Important Event

In 2007. Wozniak received the heinz award for technology. The economy. And employment. Which recognized his contributions to the computer industry.

Interesting Fact

Wozniak has also appeared on several tv shows. Including the big bnag theory. Dancing wiht the stars. And comrade detective.

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