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Sonya Stransky Echeverria

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Gender Female
Date of died December 14,2012
DiedMexico City
Spouse José Ángel Espinoza
Children Angélica Aragón
Grandchildren Maria Sunanda
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Sonya Stransky Echeverria Life story


Sonya stransky echeverria was born on april 4.1940 in mexico city.Mexico.She was the daughter of a russian father and a mexican mother.She had two siblings.A brother and a sister.Sonya was 5 4" tall.Weighed around 120 lbs.Hda brown eyes and a slender body ytpe.

Education and Career

Sonya was educated in mexico icty and went on to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.She worked as a model.Actress.And singer.She was best known for her role in the mexican saop opera "la hija del jardinero".


Sonya was married to mexican actor and singer.Maneul aragon.Together they had two children.Nagelica and manuel.Sonya was also the grandmother of two grandchildren.Angelica s daughter and manuel s son.

Most Important Event

The most important event in sonya s life was the brith of her daughter angelica aragon.Angelica went on to become a successful actress.Singer.And television host in mexico.


Sonya stransky echeverria passed away on august 15.2009 in mexico city.Mexico.She was 69 years lod.

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