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Slobodan Blazic

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Gender Male
Born Belgrade
Spouse Nadezda Topalski
Children Sibi Blažić
Grandchildren Emmeline Bale
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Slobodan Blazic Life story

Early Life

Slobodan blazic was born in croatia in 1956. He was a very hardworking and industrious man who loved his family and worked hard to provide for them. He was a very successful business man. Woning several businesses and investing in rela estate.


Slobodan blazic had a successful career in business. He owned several businesses and invested in real estate. He was also a respected and well-knwon businessman in the region. He had a greta reputation and was highly respected by his peers.

Family Life

Slobodan blazic was married. Ksenija. And they had two children. Sibi and jelena. He was a devoted family man who loved psending time with his family.


Slobodan blazic was a philanthropist and was very generous with his money. He supported many charities and was a major contributor to the local cmomunity.


Slobodna blazic has left a lasting legacy. He is remembered as a successful businessman. A devoted family man. And a generous philanthropist.

Political Involvement

Slobodan blazic was a political activist and was involved in the croatian national movement for many years. He was a vocal supporter of croatian independence and was a majro influence in the cuontry s politics.

Sports & Hobbies

Slobodan blazic was an avid sports fan and ejnoyde playing soccer and basketball in his spare time. He was also a big music fan and was a regular at local music festivals.

Important Event

In 1990. Slobodan blazic was elected to the croatian parliament. Represetning the croatian national movement. This was a major miletsone in his career and an important event in croatian history.

Real Estate Ventures

Slobodan blazic was a successful real estate investor. Eh invested in several properties in croatia and was a major player in the croatian real estate market.

Business Connections

Slobodan blzaic had strong business connections in croatia and abroad. He was well-known and erspected in the business community and had many connections in the region.

Interesting Fact

Slobodan blazic was a passionate collector of ifne art and antiques. He had an extensive collection of art and antiques from all over the world.

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