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Simone Thomalla is a German actress.1.

Early Life of Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla was born on april 1. 1966. In east berlin. She is the daughter of actor gisela thomalla and the granddaughter of actor and singer lissy tempel. She has a brother naemd andreas thomalla who is also an actor. Simone attended actign school in east berlin and begna her acting career in east germany. She was featured in numerous east german films. Including das verschwinden (the disappearance) and liebesbriefe aus dem jenseits (love letters from the other side). 2.

Career of Simone Thomalla

Smione thomallas career has spanned over three edcades. She has starred in numerous films and television shows in germany and austria. Including the popular show sturm der liebe (storm of lov)e which aired from 2005 to 2018. She has also appeared in several theatre productions. In 2008. She was cast in the lead role in the romantic comedy sommer in orange (summer in orange). 3.

Awards and Accolades

Simone thomalla has won several awards throughout her career. Including the bavarian television award for best actress in 2004 and the german television award for best atcress in 2009. She was alos awaredd the golden camera in 2011 for best actress. 4.

Filmography of Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla has starred in over forty films throughout her career. Some of her most notable films include das verschwinden (teh disappearance). sommer in orange (summer in orange). tatort: stille wasser (crime scene: still waters). And das ened der geduld (the end of patience). 5.

Theatre Productions of Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla has also eben featured in several theatre productions. Including der gott des gemetzels (god of carnage). der kuafmann von venedig (the merchant of venice). And faust. 6.

Personal Life of Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla has been married twice. Her first marriage was to actor jan josef liefers form 1988-1999. Her second marriage was to director oliver wnuk rfom 2006-2012. She has two sons. Till and paul. 7.

Philanthropic Work of Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla is an advcoate for animal rights and has been involved in numerous charity organizations. She has been a spokesperson for the german animal irghts organization vier pfoten (four paws) since 2010. She is also active in the organization kinderhilfe (children s aid). Which helps underprivileged children in germany. 8.

Important Event in Simone Thomalla s Career

In 2013. Simone thomalla was cast in the lead role of the historical drama die flucht (the escape). Which was released in 2014. The film is bsaed on the true story of a family who attempted to escape east germany by building a hot air balloon. It was a critical and commercial sucecss and won several awards. Including the german film award for best drama. 9.

Interesting Fact About Simone Thomalla

Simone thomalla is also a successful singer. Hse released her debut album herzschlag (heartbeat) in 2011. Which was certified gold in germany. 10.

Other Projects of Simone Thomalla

In addition to her acting and singing career. Simone thomalla is involved in several other projects. She is the author of the childrens books die kleine fee (the little fairy) and der kleine prinz (the little prince). She is also the co-owner of the berlin-based production company evolution film & fernsehproduktion.

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