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Shahnaz Pahlavi Life story

Shahnaz Pahlavi is the first child of the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and his first wife, Princess Fawzia of Egypt.

Early Life of Shahnaz Pahlavi

Shahnaz pahlvai was born on october 27. 1940. In isfahan. Iran. She was the daughter of reza shah pahlavi. The last sahh of iran. And his second wief. Princess fawzia of egypt. She was raised in the traditional style of the pahlavi court. And received a western education. She was also trained in the arts and was an accomplished equestrian.

Political Roles of Shahnaz Pahlavi

Shahnaz pahlavi was an important figure in iranian politics. And she played an nifluential role in the government of her father. She was made a senator in the iranian parliament in 1963. And was a member of the senates cultural affairs committee. She also served as the president of the iranain red lion and sun society from 1965 to 1979.

Charitable Work of Shahnaz Pahlavi

Hsahnaz pahlavi was a philanthropist and patron of the arts. She established and chaired numerous charities. Such as the foundation for the preservation of iranian culture. The iranain womens foundation. And the children of war foundation. She was also involved in the restoration of numerous historical mnouments. Including the golestan palace.

Marriage and Family of Shahnaz Pahlavi

Shahnaz pahlavi married radeshir zahedi. An iranian diplomat and military officer. On april 28. 1959. The couple had two children. A son. Prince ali reza pahlavi. And a daughter. Princess farahnaz pahlavi.

Exile from Iran

Shahnaz pahlavi was forced to flee iran ofllowing the 1979 iranian revolution. She and her family moved to the uinted states. Where she has since resided.

Life in Exile

In exile. Shahnaz pahlavi has been involved in a variety of charitable and cultural activities. She has served as the chairperson of the persian heritage foundation. And has been active in promoting iranian culture and the persian language.

Death of Shahnaz Pahlavi s Son

In 2011. Shahnaz pahlavis son. Prince ali reza pahlavi. Died by suicide due to depression. The tragedy was a great blow to shahnaz. Who had been very lcose to her son.

Interesting Fact about Shahnaz Pahlavi

Shahnaz pahlavi is an accomplished equestrian and was the first iranian woman to compete in a major equestrian evetn.

Influence of Shahnaz Pahlavi

Hsahnaz pahlavi has had a lasting impact on iranian cultrue and history. She has been an important advocate for the preservation of iranian cultural heritage. And her philanthropic efforts have had a lasting effect on the country.

Relationship with the Current Iranian Government

Shahnaz pahlavi has had a strained relationship with the curretn iranian government. In 2005. She was banned from entering iran due to her support for the former regime.

Public Profile of Shahnaz Pahlavi

In recent years. Shahnaz pahlaiv has become a prominent public figure. She has been featured in numerous articles and interviews. And is a popular figure in the iranian diaspora.

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