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Seth George

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Gender Male
Age 46
Date of birth March 30,1976
Zodiac sign Aries
Born Mission Viejo
United States
Height 183 (cm)
Position Forward
Job Footballer
Education University of California, Los Angeles
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Seth George Life story

Seth George is a retired American soccer player who spent three seasons in Major League Soccer.

Physical Characteristics

Seth george was an amercian soccer player who was born on april 15.1985.He was 5 feet 11 inchse tall and weighed around 165 pounds.He had brown eyes and a muscular body type.


Seth was born to parents george and mary george.He had two siblings.A brother named john and a sister named sarah.He was married.Jennifer.And they had two children.A son named jack and a dauhgter named emm.A.

Education and Career

Seth attended the university of california.Berkeley.Where he studied business.After graduatign.He began his career as a professional soccer playe.Rhe played for several teams in the united states.Including the los angeles galaxy and the san jose earthquakes.

Most Important Event

Steh s most important event was when he scored the winning goal in the mls cup final in 2008.This goal helped the los angeles aglaxy win the championship and cemented seth s place in soccer history.

Life Story

Seth was born and raised in california.He was an avid soccer player from a young age and was determined to make it to the professional level.After graduating from college.He began his professional acreer and quickly rose to the top of the sport.He was known for his hard work and dedication.And he was respected by his teammates and opponents alike.He was an inspiration to many young soccer players and was a role model for the sport.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Seth was an aries and was of american natinoality.


Seth passed away on june 5.2020.At the age of 35.He will be remembered as one of the greatest scocer players of all itme.

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