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Gender Female
Death29 years ago
Weather19°C, Wind S at 0 km/h, 81
Local timeMonday 14:59
Population146,444 (2017)
Area code912
Colleges and universities The Savannah College of Art and Design
Date of birth October 9,1970
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Laguna Beach
United States
DiedProvidence Saint Joseph Medical Center
United States
Height 168 (cm)
Other nameSilver Cane, Silver Kane, Savanah, Silver
Movies/Shows The Invisible Maniac
Camp Fear
Parents Pamela Longoria
Mike Wilsey
Date of died July 11,1994
Full nameShannon Michelle Wilsey
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Savannah Life story

Shannon Michelle Wilsey, better known by her stage name Savannah, was an American pornographic film actress who starred in over 100 videos during her career. One of the most prominent adult industry models of her time, she achieved notoriety within her short career due to her onscreen presence and personal life.

Coppola Jr becomes film family's latest star, with viral TikTok clip

Dec 14,2021 2:49 pm

By Ian YoungsEntertainment and arts reporter

Her mother is an Oscar-winning film-maker. Her grandfather shot one of The Greatest movies, The Godfather .

Now, Romy Coppola Mars has joined The Family Dynasty - with a TikTok that has inadvertently made her a viral star.

In, the 16-year-old daughter of Sofia Coppola and granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola said she had been grounded for trying to charter a helicopter with her dad's credit card.

" The Coppola Dynasty continues to produce greatness, "

The teenager seemingly did not intend to announce herself as the latest sensation in The Family line, saying she was going against her parents' rule not to have a public Social Media account only because she was already grounded.

" They don't want me to be a nepotism kid, " she told her followers. " But TikTok is not going to Make Me famous, so it doesn't really matter. "

However, she was wrong about it not making her famous and her account was short-lived, apparently being deleted.

The Bbc is not responsible for the content of external sites.

While the video may have disappeared from TikTok, it was captured before it did and has been viewed More Than nine million times on one Twitter post.

It begins with her in The Kitchen inviting viewers to " make vodka pasta sauce with me because I'm grounded".

She then reveals she had been punished by her parents " because I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad's credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend".

Her father, Thomas Mars , is in French indie band Phoenix. At one point in the video, Romy holds up the Grammy Award he won in 2010.

Returning to The Recipe , she says she does not know the difference between a garlic bulb and an onion, before making an innocent face and holding up a Kitchen Knife .

She then introduces her babysitter's boyfriend, explaining " my parents are never home, so these are my replacement parents".

Part two

: " A perfect short film. We have a third generation of Coppola directors. "

: " It has dramatic tension, excellent scene-setting, good evocative props that indicate emotions (Onions = Tears ), shocking family revelations, slapstick comedy, great Dialogue . . you're right. "

: " This is cinema… she'll be The Greatest Coppola. "

At The End of her video, Romy promises to return with " part two, where I actually make the pasta".

" Can't wait - it will be The Best part two a Coppola will have ever made, " - a reference to her grandfather's The Godfather Part II, which is regarded by some as better than the Original Film .

A representative for her mother, who won an Oscar for Lost In Translation and made The Virgin Suicides and The Beguiled , declined to comment.

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