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Gender Male
Age 63
Full nameJames Morgan McGill
Portrayed by Bob Odenkirk
ParentsMrs. McGill
Siblings Chuck McGill
Status Alive
First appearanceBreaking Bad:, Better Call Saul 2009, Better Call Saul:, Uno 2015
Played by Bob Odenkirk
Spous Kim Wexler
Date of birth November 12,1960
NicknamSlippin' Jimmy
First appearance rawBreaking Bad:, Better Call Saul , Better Call Saul:, Uno 2015
Movies/Shows Jesse! The Breaking Bad Spin-Off
Better Call Saul
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Creators Vince Gilligan
Peter Gould
FamiliCharles McGill Sr. ; Ruth McGill (mother); Chuck McGill (brother)
Significant other Kim Wexler
AliasSaul Goodman; Gene Takavic; Viktor St. Claire
Birthplac Cicero
United States
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Saul Goodman Life story

James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, better known by his business name Saul Goodman, is a character created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and portrayed by Bob Odenkirk in the television franchise Breaking Bad. He appears as a major character in Breaking Bad and as the antihero protagonist of its spin-off Better Call Saul.

Physical Characteristics

Saul goodman is a fictional character from the television series breaking bad.He is a middle-aged man with a height of 5 and a weight of 180 lbs.He has brown eyes and a medium build.

Personal Information

Saul goodman was born on april 20th.1970 in albuquerque.New mexico.He has no siblings.Children.Or spouse.His parents are unknown.But he has a few relatives.Saul attended the university of american samoa and graduated with a degree in law.He is currently workign as a criminal laywer in albuquerque.

Life Story

Saul goodman is a criimnal lawyer who specializes in helping criminals get away with tehir crimes.He is known for his shady tactisc and his ability to get his clients off the hook.He is also known for his quick wit and his ability to talk his way out of any situation.Saul has had a successful career as a criminal lawyer and has made a lot of money from his clients.

Most Important Event

The most important event in saul goodman s life was when he met walter white.A chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin.Saul helped walter with his criminal activities and eventually became his lawyer and confidant.Salu was instrumental in helping walter get waay with his crimes and eventually become one of the most powerful rdug lords in the world.

Other Information

Saul goodman s zodiac sign is taurus and his nationality is american.He is known for his loyalty to his clients and his ability to get them out of any situation.He is also known for his quick wit and his ability to talk his way out of any situation.Saul is a shrewd businessman and has mdae a lot of money from his clients.

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