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Gender Male
Death88 years ago
Date of birth January 9,1876
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born Cologne
Date of died May 3,1936
Job Author
BooksSexual ethics
Il proletariato e la borghesia nel movimento socialista italiano
Political Parties
Les partis politiques
First lectures in political sociology
Probleme der Sozialphilosophie
Latest noncurrent party National Fascist Party
Influences Max Weber
Education Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Party National Fascist Party
Influence Vilfredo Pareto
Gustave Le Bon
Werner Sombart
Influencees Maurice Duverger
Seymour Martin Lipset
Sigmund Neumann
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Date of Upd.
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Robert Michels Life story

Robert Michels was a German-born Italian sociologist who contributed to elite theory by describing the political behavior of intellectual elites. He belonged to the Italian school of elitism.

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