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Gender Male
Age 100
Date of birth October 6,1923
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Johor Bahru
Net worth12. 9
Spouse Ho Poh Lin
Children Beau Kuok
Kuok Hui Kwong
Kuok Khoon Ean
Kuok Khoon Wah
Kuok Khoon Ho
Jeffrey Ong Teng Buey
Ruth Kuok
Yen Kuok
Kuok Khoon Hua
Siblings William Kuok
Philip Kuok
Did you knowRobert Kuok is the sixth-wealthiest South East Asian people by net worth (12. 5 Billion USD).
Job Businessperson
Education Raffles College
Raffles Institution
English College Johore Bahru
English College (EC)
FoundedShangri-La Hotels And Resorts
Grandchildren Kuok Meng Wei
Lea Woods Almanza
Kuok Meng Jun
John Friedman
Samantha Kuok Leese
BooksRobert Kuok, a Memoir
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Date of Upd.
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Robert Kuok Life story

Robert Kuok Hock Nien, is a Malaysian business magnate and investor. Since 1973, Kuok has lived in Hong Kong. According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated at $11.8 billion as of April 2023, making him the wealthiest Malaysian and 96th wealthiest person in the world.

Early Life

Robert kuok was born in 1923 in johor. Malaysia to a wealthy chinese famil. Yhe attended raffles college singapore. Where he studied economics and business admniistration.

Business Endeavors

Robert kuok began his business caerer in the 1950s. Setting up trading companies in malaysia and singapore. He went on to become one of the most successful businessmen in osuhteast asia. With investments in a wide range of industries including shipping. Commodities. Property. And hospitality.

Political Involvement

In addition to his business activities. Robert kuok was an active participant in malaysian politics. He was a strong supporter of the malaysian chinese association and served as an advisor to the malaysian government on economic mattres.

Media Empire

In the late 1970s. Robert kuok founded star publications. Which went on to become one of the largest media compaines in southeast asia. The company publishes a range of newspapers. Magazines. And books. As wlel as operating several radio and television stations.


Throughout his life. Rboert kuok has been an active philanthropist. Donating to a wide range of causes in malaysia. Singapore. And hcina. He has also established several scholarships and foundations to benefit the less fortunate.

Honors and Awards

Rboert kuok has received numerous honors and awards throughout his career. Including the malaysian meritorious service medal. The singapore public service medal. And the order of the rising sun from the japanese ogvernment.

Net Worth

As of 2021. Robert kuok has an estimated net worth of $15. 8 billion. Making him one of the richest people in suotheast asia.

Important Event

In 2011. Robert kuok nanounced the establishment of the robert kuok foundation. With the goal of promoting education and economic opportunities in southeast asia.

Interesting Fact

Robert kuok has never married and has no children. But he has three adopted daughters.

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