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Gender Male
Born Paddan Aram
Died1445 BCE
1444 BCE
Place of burialNabi Rubin
Parents Jacob
Grandparents Laban
Place of burialNabi Rubin
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Reuben Life story

Reuben or Reuven was the first of the six sons of Jacob and Leah, according to the Book of Genesis. He was the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Reuben.

Reuben or Reuven is a Biblical male first name from Hebrew רְאוּבֵן (Re'uven), meaning "behold, a son". In the Bible, Reuben was the firstborn son of Jacob.

Variants include Rúben in European Portuguese; Rubens in Brazilian Portuguese; Rubén in Spanish; Rubèn in Catalan; Ruben in Dutch and Armenian; and Rupen/Roupen in Western Armenian.

The form Ruben can also be a form of the name Robin, itself a variation of the Germanic name Robert in several Celtic languages. It preserves the "u" sound from the name's first component "hruod" (compare Ruairí, the Irish form of Roderick).


Ruben I, Prince of Armenia (1025/1035 – 1095), the first lord of Armenian Cilicia or "Lord of the Mountains" from 1080/1081/1082 to 1095, founder of Rubenid dynasty

Ruben II, Prince of Armenia (c.1165–1170), the seventh lord of Armenian Cilicia or "Lord of the Mountains" from 1169 to 1170.

Ruben III, Prince of Armenia (1145–1187), the ninth lord of Armenian Cilicia or "Lord of the Mountains" from 1175 to 1187.

Ruben (singer) (born 1995), full name Ruben Markussen, Norwegian singer-songwriter known by the mononym Ruben

Given name


Reuben Agboola (born 1962), Nigerian former professional footballer

Reuben Bennett (1913–1989), Scottish professional footballer and coach

Reuben Fenton (1819–1885), American merchant and politician from New York

Reuben Fine (1914–1993), American chess player and psychologist

Reuben Foster (born 1994), American football player

Reuben Hazell (born 1979), English former professional footballer

Reuben James (c. 1776–1838), United States Navy boatswain's mate

Reuben Noble-Lazarus (born 1993), English professional footballer

Reuben Partridge (born 1823), American pioneer bridge builder

Reuben Reid (born 1988), English professional footballer

Reuben Snake (1937–1993), Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) activist, educator, spiritual leader, and tribal leader.

Reuben Sturman (1924–1997), American pornographer and businessman from Ohio

Reuben Thorne (born 1975), New Zealand rugby union player and former captain of the All Blacks.

Reuben Wu (born 1975), English photographer, director, music producer and member of the electronic band Ladytron


Reuven Feuerstein (1921–2014), Israeli psychologist

Reuven Rivlin (born 1939), Israeli president

Reuven Snir (born 1953), Israeli professor at the University of Haifa


Ruben Auervaara (1906–1964), Finnish thief and fraudster

Ruben de Almeida Barbeiro (born 1987), real name of Portuguese electro house music DJ and producer KURA

Ruben Cain, birth name of Robert Gibson (born 1958), professional wrestler

Ruben Darbinyan (1883–1968), Armenian politician and activist and government minister during the First Republic of Armenia

Ruben Enaje, Filipino carpenter and sign painter, known for being voluntarily crucified annually on Good Friday

Ruben Gabrielsen (born 1992), Norwegian footballer

Ruben Gallego (born 1979), American politician

Ruben Houkes (born 1979), Dutch judoka

Ruben Lagus (1896–1959), Finnish general, one of the principal commanders of Lapland War

Ruben Loftus-Cheek (born 1996), English footballer

Ruben Nirvi (1905–1986), Finnish linguist and professor

Ruben Rausing (1895–1983), founder of the food packaging company Tetra Pak

Ruben Sevak, or Rupen Sevag, real name Ruben Çilingiryan (1886–1915), Ottoman Armenian poet, prose-writer, and doctor, killed by Turkish authorities during the Armenian Genocide.

Ruben Studdard (born 1978), American singer, winner of American Idol season 2

Ruben Wiki (born 1973), New Zealand rugby league footballer

Ruben (film editor) (born 1986), Indian film editor

Ruben Vargas (born 1998), Swiss Professional footballer

Ruben Fleischer (born 1974), American film director and producer


Rubén Aguiar (born 1956), Argentine long-distance runner

Rubén Albarrán (born 1967), Mexican singer-songwriter, member of Café Tacuba

Rubén Alonso Rosales (1925–2000), Salvadorian politician

Rubén Amaro Jr. (born 1965), American Major League Baseball player, general manager, and coach

Rubén Baraja (born 1975), Spanish professional football manager

Rubén Bareiro Saguier (1930–2014), Paraguayan poet and writer

Rubén Blades (born 1948), Panamanian salsa singer, songwriter, actor, Latin jazz musician and activist

Rubén Castro (born 1981), Spanish professional footballer

Rúben Dias (born 1997), Portuguese footballer

Rubén Espinoza (born 1961), Chilean former professional footballer

Rubén Limardo (born 1985), Venezuelan fencer

Rubén Iván Martínez (born 1984), Spanish professional footballer also known simply as Rubén

Rubén Maza (born 1967), Venezuelan long-distance runner

Rúben Neves (born 1997), Portuguese professional footballer

Rubén Duarte (born 1995), Spanish professional footballer

Rubén Rangel (born 1977), Venezuelan road racing cyclist

Rubén de la Red (born 1985), Spanish football manager

Rubén Yáñez (born 1993), Spanish professional footballer

Rúben Amorim (born 1985), Portuguese football manager

Rúben Semedo (born 1994), Portuguese footballer

Rúben Vinagre (born 1999), Portuguese professional footballer


Rueben Mayes, Canadian former American football player


Rube Goldberg (Reuben) (1883–1970), American cartoonist and creator of Rube Goldberg devices


Rupen of Montfort (died 1313), Cypriot nobleman

Rupen Zartarian (1874–1915), Ottoman Armenian writer, educator, and political activist. Killed by Turkish authorities during the Armenian Genocide.


Roupen Altiparmakian, Armenian violin and oud player



David and Simon Reuben, billionaire entrepreneurs in the UK

Gloria Reuben (born 1964), a Canadian-American actress

John Reuben (born John Reuben Zappin in 1979), American Christian hip-hop artist

Julie Reuben (born 1960), a historian interested in the role of education in American society and culture

Scott Reuben (born 1958), disgraced American anesthesiologist and professor

Stewart Reuben (born 1939), British chess player, chess arbiter, and poker author

William A. Reuben (1915 or 1916–2004), American journalist noted for his work on the Rosenberg and Hiss cases.


Alessandro Ruben (born 1960), Italian politician

Karl Ruben, Danish chess master

Sam Ruben (1913–1943), American biochemist known for his work on carbon fixation in photosynthesis and discovery of carbon-14, born Charles Rubenstein

Samuel Ruben (1900–1988), American inventor and founder of Duracell

Livingston Antony Ruben, Indian film editor, who works in Tamil film industry.

Fictional characters

Reuben (Lilo & Stitch), also known as Experiment 625, a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise

Reuben (Final Fantasy), a character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Reuben, a Minecraft pig from Minecraft: Story Mode

Reuben Kincaid, the Partridge Family's manager

Ruben Lozano, a crime lord antagonist in Red vs. Blue Season 14

Ruben “Ruvik” Victoriano, main antagonist (The Evil Within)


Reuben sandwich, a hot sandwich made with corned beef


Rupen River, a river in Gujarat in western India

Rupen River (Gir), a river in Gujarat in western India

Reubens, Idaho a city in Lewis County, Idaho, United States

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