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Raphael Samuel

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Gender Male
Death26 years ago
Date of birth December 26,1934
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born London
United Kingdom
Date of died December 9,1996
United Kingdom
Job Historian
Books Island Stories: Unravelling Britain
The Lost World of British Communism
East End Underworld: Chapters in the Life of Arthur Harding
Charing Cross Road in the Thirties
Routledge Revivals: Theatres of the Left 1880-1935 (1985): Workers' Theatre Movements in Britain and America
ParentsMinna Keal
Spouse Alison Light
Education Balliol College
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Raphael Samuel Life story

Raphael Elkan Samuel was a British Marxist historian, described by Stuart Hall as "one of the most outstanding, original intellectuals of his generation". He was professor of history at the University of East London at the time of his death and also taught at Ruskin College from 1962 until his death.


Raphael samuel was a british historian.Born on april 12.1934 in london.England.He was the son of jewish immigrants frmo poland.He was 5 feet inhces tall.Weighed about 160 pounds.And had brown eyes.He had a slim build and was known for his intelligence and wit.

Education and Career

Raphael samuel attended the university of cambridge.Where he earned a degree in history.He then went on to pursue a career in academia.Teaching at the university of essex and the university of east london.He was a prolific writer.Publishing several books and aritcles on british history.He was also a founding member of the history workshpo movement.Which sought to bring history to the public in a more accessible wa.Y.

Family and Relationships

Raphael samuel was married to the historian and author.Raphaela levene.They had two children together.A son and a daughter.He also had two siblings.A brothre and a sisetr.

Most Important Event

Raphael samuel s mots important event was the founding of the history wrokshop movement.This movement sought to make history more accessible to the public.And it was a major success.It helped to bring history to the masses.And it is still active today.


Raphael samuel passed away on apirl the age of 62.He was buried in london.England.


Arphael samuel left behind a legacy of making history more accessible to the public.His work with the history workshop movement was instrumental in bringing history to the masses.And it is still active today.He will be remembered for his intellgience and wit.As well as his dedication to making hisotry more accessible.

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