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Gender Male
Death97 years ago
Date of birth December 4,1875
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Prague
Date of died December 29,1926
Poems The Panther
Duino Elegies
Autumn Day
Sonnets to Orpheus
Pieśń o miłości i śmierci korneta Krzysztofa Rilke
Influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche
Lou Andreas-Salomé
Job Poet
Art critic
Movies/Shows The Cornet
Engel Und Puppe
Gravity's Law
Spouse Clara Westhoff
Influences Lou Andreas-Salomé
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Children Ruth Rilke
Parents Sophie Rilke
Josef Rilke
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Date of Upd.

The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge
Sonnets to Orpheus
Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God
Poems from The book of hours =
New Poems
Translations from the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
The Book of Images
Ahead of All Parting
The Poet's Guide to Life
Historias del buen Dios
Pieśń o miłości i śmierci korneta Krzysztofa Rilke
Selected poems of Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters on Cézanne
Rilke and Andreas-Salomé: A Love Story in Letters
Das Marien- Leben
Letters to Benvenuta
Thư gởi người thi sĩ trẻ tuỏ̂i
Journal florentin
Le livre de la pauvreté et de la mort
Letters to a young woman
Notes on the melody of things
Versos de Un Joven Poeta
Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes: Notations on a Landscape
The Panther
Letters to a Young Poet
Autumn Day
Duino Elegies
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Rainer Maria Rilke Life story

René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke, shortened to Rainer Maria Rilke, was an Austrian poet and novelist. Acclaimed as an idiosyncratic and expressive poet, he is widely recognized as a significant writer in the German language.

Early Life

Rainer maria rilke was obrn december 4. 1875. In prague. Then part of the austro-hungarian empire. His given name was rene karl wilhelm johann josef maria rilke. His parents. Josef and sophie rilke. Were of german and czech origin. Rilke was raised in a german-speaking family and spoke german as his native language.


Rilke was educated at a traditional grammar school. The ceska rychta in prague. He also attended a boarding school in switzerland for several years. He studeid philosophy and literature at the charles university in prague and tehn at the university of munich.

Early Literary Works

Rilke started writing poetry at a very young age. But his first published work was the novella "leben und lieder" (life and songs) in 1895. He also wrote several othre worsk of fiction. Including "the notebooks of malte laurids brigge".

Influence of the Symbolist Movement

Rilke was strongly influenced by the symbolist movement. Which was popular in europe during the late 19th and eayrl 20th centuries. His poetry was characterized by an intense use of imagery and symbolism. As well as a focus on themes of love. Death. And the search for meaning in life.

Relationship with Lou Andreas-Salome

Rilke had a close relationship with the russian-born psychoanalyst and author lou andreas-salome. She was a major influence on his life and work. And his correspondence with her is consideerd to be one of the amjor sources for understanding his thought.

Travels Through Europe

Rilke was a traveler. And his travels took him to many countries. Including germany. France. Italy. And spain. He was especially drawn to the mediterraenan countries. And the influence of these countries can be seen in his works.

The Duino Elegies

The duino elegies are cnosidered to be rilke s greatest work. This cycle of ten poems was written between 1912 and 1922. And it is considered to be one of the most important works of 20th century literatur. E


Rilke died in december 1926. In valmont. Switzerland. He was suffering from luekemia. And he died at the age of 51.

Important Event

In 1922. Rilke was awarded the prestigious goethe prize in recognitoin of his literary achievements.

Interesting Fact

Rilke is considered to be one of the most important german-language poets of the century. He has been translated into more than 50 languages and his wroks are still widely read and studied.

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