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    Poole is a coastal town in Dorset, southern England, known for its large natural harbour and sandy beaches. The Old Town has Georgian houses and Poole Museum, which explores local history in 4 buildings, including medieval Scaplen's Court. From Poole Harbour, boats head south to Brownsea Island. This wooded area has trails and wildlife such as red squirrels, plus 16th-century Brownsea Castle, now a private hotel.

  • 3174455 Shops re-opening: retailers welcome back customers after three months

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    Most of the shops were locked up, for 23. March

    stores sell in England, not of essential goods for the clients, which on Monday for the First Time in almost three months, Welcome Back .

    retailers have had to, the introduction of strict security measures and The High Street experience will be very different, what are the buyer used.

    in the Midst of fears around the health of The British economy, always an important component of The Service sector is of vital importance to be running again.

    experts warned But the retail shops were unlikely to see immediate relief.

    The release comes as the face covers are mandatory when traveling with Public Transport in England on Monday . Children under 11 years are exempt, and The Rules could be repealed, for people who do not carry a legitimate health reason for.

    face-coverings, in the shops not necessarily be with the retail trade in the hope of introducing a number of other security measures are sufficient will be.

    Although food shops, pharmacies, banks and other major retailers have remained open, large parts of The High street of bookstores to clothing outlets closed since 23. March.

    retailers are required to keep the introduction of plastic screens at the cash registers and floor markings, Shopper two-metre (6ft 5ins) in addition to measures already to a fixed size in supermarkets.

    Other measures include not to touch ask items, unless the customers want to buy them, and the decontamination of the baskets after each use. Retailers are promising, it will be a lot of disinfectant on hand for the customers.

    In most clothes shops, the changing rooms will be closed. Bookstores including Waterstones intend to have items in quarantine, not be purchased if scrolled, but, while some jewelers, the introduction of UV-box, decontaminating the article in a few minutes.

    There are also state funds for the councils, staff are used to offer on The High Street help and advice for both buyers and shops.

    Not all the shops open their doors immediately. John Lewis is once again, only two outlets on Monday in Kingston-upon-Thames and Poole - as part of a multi-tiered approach, with another 11 to follow on Thursday.

    The Number of customers to be regulated in the stores, but Andrew Murphy , Executive Director of operations, hopes it will mean a better atmosphere for the customers. "To be honest, I actually think it goes to the relative serenity of The Experience , which is probably The Most important thing that strikes people. "

    But he did not expect a repeal of the measures in the foreseeable future. "We expect this situation to far in the autumn and maybe even winter, so we need to think more about how things will work, if The Weather is not so great," He Said .

    Big High-Street chains start to unlock

    Some of the other retailers sell the products as fundamentally classified as DIY, furniture and bicycles - have also been the re-opening. Furniture giant Ikea, and the queues long.

    buyers at Selfridges, the re-opening of its London, Manchester and Birmingham stores, you will have the chance to try before you buy, but, no clothes will then be put under quarantine, while shoes and accessories for cleaning, disinfecting spray or steamed.

    Primark, the each of its 153 English shops, has to ensure a commitment, the basket handles are cleaned after each use and every second to be closed to keep social distance for customers and employees.

    to make a Lot of business to encourage the customers, purchases, payments by contactless card limits be increased to £45. Arcadia , which owns, said the likes of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins , has, it is accepted, no cash.

    London ' s West End comprises Oxford Street, expects to have about 80% less visitors, if it re-opened on Monday . Many traders and analysts will watch closely to see if the increase in Online Shopping during the blocking of further, possibly more pressure on The High Streets, which have suffered a wave of closures pile up.

    'aren't just customers, to do things differently

    Tracy Harvey, Managing Director of independent Department Store Harveys of Halifax,'says the customer, to experience a "completely different" when you on Monday .

    The five-storey shop just two floors open, first. But not only does the customer have to do things differently, she told The Bbc . "Some of our employees have been working in The Building for 30 years. We have done the training, but breaking the habits of life will be a challenge. We do things without thinking sometimes, so it will be a challenge. "

    Harveys is the nature of the traditional Department Store , where some customers come Every Day , She Said . "We know our customers' names. Now we ask staff to interact with them in a very different way. Some will take getting used to. "

    Tracey intends, to The Number of customers in The Store at any time to a minimum. "We could get more people in, but we have decided to keep the numbers low, so that The People can go for a walk and explore more freely, rather than being dictated to every step of The Way . "

    The British Retail Consortium (BRC), The Trade representation of the industry, has warned that the development was unlikely that any immediate impetus to the industry.

    Helen Dickinson , the BRC's chief executive, said: "retailers are under immense pressure for the last three months, but the re-opening of non-essential businesses, it is unlikely that immediate relief. A mix of low consumer confidence and limiting The Number of people in the business means that many stores will continue to suffer from lower Footfall - and Sales - for some time to come. "

    the government called help to stimulate demand in the short term cut in VAT or a temporary payroll tax cut for low-income workers.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that he knew, whether they expect "a flood or a trickle" when the shops re-open, but that he hoped The People would return, in "reasonable" numbers. "I think that people should store and shop With Confidence , but you should of course take note of The Rules on the social distancing and make it as safe as possible," He Said .

    In Northern Ireland , non-essential shops re-opened on Friday, but there is still no date for Wales and Scotland.

    In England, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and cinemas are not allowed to open their doors to 4. July, at the earliest, and even then Only If you

    the key to make a successful re-opening of the economy is the two-Meter-social distancing-generally, the hospitality industry,. Pubs and restaurants have warned that you make money when the customers are committed to two feet Apart , and have urged that the km-limit can be reduced up to one Meter.

    in two meters distance, saying it was "room for manoeuvre", The Number of coronavirus cases has been falling.

    The government is under strong pressure to the economy as fears grow of a New Wave of job losses as a vacation scheme supports eight million people, the wound is to the bottom.

    On Sunday, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak acknowledged that more layoffs were inevitable. "First and foremost, we need to open our economy, safe and slow. This is The Most important thing is to try and protect as many of these Jobs as possible," he told The Andrew Marr Show.

    But he warned: "It comes to hardness. The People will lose their Jobs . "

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