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About Politician

A politician is a person active in party politics, or a person holding or seeking office in government. Politicians propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and, by extension, its people.

Political Background

A politician is an indviidual who is a recognized and active member of a government. Political party. Or other influential organization. They typically hold a leadership rloe and are responsible for developing and implementing policy. Legislation. And other initiatives. Examples of politicians include heads of state. Members of congress. Mayors. Judges. And cabinet members.

Political Platform

A political platform is the set of ideas. Values. And policies that a politician runs on and promotes during a political campaign. It outlines the candidate s beliefs and positions on a range of issues and serves as a guide for their actions if electe. Dpolitical platforms are developed by a political party or individual candidate. And then shared with the public in order to gain uspport.

Political Achievements

Political achievements are the results of a politician s work and initiatives while in office. These can include passing laws. Enacting regulations. Increasing funding for certain programs. Increasing access to services. And making chanegs to existing policies. Political achievements can have a lasting impatc on a region. Country. Or the world.

Political Influence

Political influence is the ability of a politician to shape public opinion and make decisions that affect the lives of their constituents. This can include using their platfrom to advocate for change. Creating alliances with other politicians. Or usnig their powre to pass laws that benefit their constituents. Political influence is an important factor in a politician s success and can be a powerful tool for making a positive differnece.

Political Events

Poltiical events are gatherings of people who come together to discuss. Debate. And discuss legislation. Policy. And other important issues. These events can be organized by a political party. Individual candidate. Or other organization. Examples of political events include town halls. Debates. Rallies. And conferences. One important political event in recent history was the passing of the affordable caer act in 2010. Which has had a major impact on the health care system in the united states.

SNP convention to discuss new independence strategy

SNP convention to discuss new independence strategy
Jun 24,2023 2:31 am

... Several other senior SNP Politicians will also address the convention on both the route to independence and its general election strategy, with the party saying there will be opportunities for people to " make contributions from the floor" and take part in " interactive activist workshops"...

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas to stand down at next election

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas to stand down at next election
Jun 8,2023 3:10 am

... She said: " I have always been a different kind of Politician - as those who witnessed my arrest, court case and acquittal over peaceful protest at the fracking site in Balcombe nearly 10 years ago will recall...

Petr Pavel: Ex-general beats populist rival in Czech election

Petr Pavel: Ex-general beats populist rival in Czech election
Jan 28,2023 5:11 pm

... Meanwhile, Slovakia s president Zuzana Caputova - a fellow liberal, pro-western Politician - made a surprise appearance on stage alongside Mr Pavel within several hours of the results being announced...

Cristina Fernández: Argentina vice-president found guilty of corruption

Cristina Fernández: Argentina vice-president found guilty of corruption
Dec 6,2022 7:30 pm

... The case has proven highly divisive in Argentina, where supporters of Fernández - a populist Politician - love and hate her in equal measure...

Paul Pelosi attack: Violent extremism warning ahead of US election

Paul Pelosi attack: Violent extremism warning ahead of US election
Oct 29,2022 12:20 am

... The bloodiest recent attack occurred five years ago, when a man with multiple weapons opened fire on Republican Politicians playing baseball at a city park...

Chancellor's wife pays £30,000 a year for non-dom status

Chancellor's wife pays £30,000 a year for non-dom status
Apr 8,2022 12:20 am

... Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng defended Mr Sunak, saying it was " completely unfair" to scrutinise the tax affairs of Ms Murty, " who is not a Politician" and rejecting opposition claims that she was sheltering from UK taxes...

Tory MPs continue to play the waiting game

Tory MPs continue to play the waiting game
Feb 1,2022 8:39 pm

... They haven t passed that threshold but another Conservative Politician - the MP for Waveney, Peter Aldous - said he had submitted a letter as the prime minister would not resign voluntarily...

Cork: Gardaí arrest man over threats to kill UK MP

Cork: Gardaí arrest man over threats to kill UK MP
Nov 6,2021 8:56 pm

... that the alleged threats related to a female Labour Politician...

Tory MPs continue to play the waiting game

Jun 19,2020 9:16 pm

Waiting for Gray - That was the mantra of those Conservative critics of Boris Johnson 's leadership, who had not quite pressed 'send' on their no confidence emails.

Rather like The Play Waiting for Godot, this period combined drama, farce, ennui, absurdity - and some choice language.

But it's now clear we have only reached The End of Act One , with the full Gray Report still to be published, But only after The Police conclude their investigations.

Again like Samuel Beckett 's play, Act Two could be similar - But just more miserable.

Tory MPs can trigger a leadership contest if 54 Letters of no confidence are sent to a committee of backbench MPs, known as the 1922 Committee.

They haven't passed That threshold But another Conservative Politician - the MP for Waveney, Peter Aldous - Said he had submitted a letter as the Prime Minister would not resign voluntarily.

Others are contemplating whether - or When - to follow suit.

A former cabinet minister told me: " Boris Johnson is in a very delicate position. "

One waverer, The South West Devon MP Sir Gary Streeter , told BBC Radio Devon he was " wrestling with his conscience" on whether to continue to support the Prime Minister .

He'll decide in The Next 48 Hours .

I have spoken entirely off the record to other waverers, inside and outside government.

Sir Gary isn't the only one in a bout with his conscience.

Another former minister told me he was now on The Verge of sending a letter: " I Am asking myself how long can this Go On ? "

But a current minister seemed to be more representative of The Mood When He Said That a confidence vote could be coming, But " it is not This Week . and it's not next week".

And it is probably not next month.

Waiting for May

A former cabinet minister summed up the demeanour of those colleagues who hadn't already decided to call for Boris Johnson to go: " The Mood is stable, But sullen, " He Said .

A serving minister suggested That There was a wider feeling of hostility towards the prime minster than he had anticipated.

But for some, Waiting for Gray has been replaced by Waiting For May - not Theresa, who has been openly Critical of her successor, But the date of the forthcoming council elections.

So Far , with The Exception of one parliamentary aide - Angela Richardson - ministers and the so-called payroll vote publicly have stood firm.

But privately, some junior ministers have been discussing the Prime Minister 's future.

And the consensus emerging from what are very informal discussions is That any likely move against Mr Johnson would follow in The Wake of those local elections.

This is in part due to what has been seen as a disconnect in some parts of the country between The View of some constituency association activists - who are incredulous That MPs could consider ditching an election-wining Prime Minister for attending a party - and Conservative voters, who have been angered by the 'partygate' reports and the allegations of rule-breaking.

So if the May elections suggest There is a serious political consequence to The Events in Downing Street, and Conservative ex-councillors kick up, more MPs will be emboldened to call for a confidence vote.

One minister Said That Boris Johnson had, in effect, three months to sort out No10 and turn the polls round.

A picture tells a story

One very astute observer of the political landscape suggested That what would most concern colleagues is if the May election results started to show slippage to the Lib Dems in some areas and to Labour in Others - a pincer That could put under threat an apparently large majority at Westminster in due course.

There was also fear That the integrity (or lack of it) question might influence volatile voters and taint The Image of party and not just the Prime Minister .

Several MPs told me That while they too subscribe to the " wait until May " analysis, with 300 photographs in The Hands of Sue Gray and The Met , the Prime Minister could be destabilised sooner if any damaging images get into the Public Domain .

As One of them put it bluntly, " what kind of idiot photographs themselves at what they probably knew to be a rule breaking event? "

Another Said The Pledge to allow Gray to update her Report and to publish it in full had to be " dragged kicking and screaming" from the PM, and now That Report - Whenever it appears - could finish him.

And a former Cabinet minister Said he expected it to be a " humdinger of hostility".

There May be trouble ahead

Others believe Boris Johnson could yet weather The Storm .

A senior backbencher suggested 'partygate' had been simply a spectacular symptom of a badly-run Number 10, and if this could be reformed convincingly then the Prime Minister 's tenure could be more secure. But promises of reform would not be Enough - he would want to see results.

An ex-minister wanted to see personnel changes at Cabinet level and not just in the backroom operation, and a former Cabinet minister, who is privately Critical of Boris Johnson , believes the Prime Minister has a Breathing Space .

His view is That " Downing Street is a Mess - the failure of leadership (identified by Sue Gray ) is his, and the civil servants" But while " those who hate him continue to do so. . There 's no mood amongst colleagues more widely to move against him right now".

He felt the expanded and potentially gory sequel to the Gray Report May be some way off, and The Public were already showing signs of wanting to move on.

But That could represent a move out of the Frying Pan and into The Fire .

He Said : " Look where he is Moving On to - the cost of living. The May elections will be very important to colleagues. He is not out of The Woods yet. "

A former Cabinet colleague agreed That This Was the " central forecast" from the backbenches.

But another factor May yet sustain Boris Johnson .

While he May still be in The Woods , some of his colleagues perhaps don't yet see The Wood for The Trees .

There is no unity behind one single candidate to replace him, or agreement on exactly what might trigger a further flurry of no confidence Letters - Never Mind a sufficiently co-ordinated campaign of Letter Writing (though That May come).

But the lack of unity wouldn't necessarily help Mr Johnson, according to one ex-cabinet minister.

" The trouble is if he tries to move One Way to appease some colleagues, [no confidence] Letters could go in from Others . If he moves in The Opposite direction, then he will just provoke a different set of Letters . "

Lively discussions

On the record, talking to BBC Radio Stoke, the Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Aaron Bell - who has been Critical - suggested That amongst other colleagues elected for the First Time in 2019 " There is a very lively discussion about what The Right thing to do is".

One former cabinet minister felt That David Davis and Andrew Mitchell had jumped too soon in publicly withdrawing support and would have little influence with the '2019ers'

But another former Cabinet minister gave me this assessment: " This is now death by a thousand cuts.

" Of course more stuff will come out, then we'll have The Locals . It all goes on for now, But we all know this is not going to end well. "

Source of news: bbc.com

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