"Pimpernel" Smith

1941 ‧ Drama/Black and white ‧ 2 hours

  • Initial release
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Leslie Howard
  • Producer
    Leslie Howard
  • Music composed by
    John D. H. Greenwood
  • Screenplay
    Roland Pertwee
  • -
    Anatole de Grunwald
"Pimpernel" Smith Profiles
  • About

    English archaeologist Horatio Smith (Leslie Howard) takes his students to Germany before the start of World War II to study the existence of early Aryans. He is actually there, however, to free concentration camp inmates. General von Graum (Francis Sullivan), a Gestapo head, dispatches the beautiful Ludmilla Koslowski (Mary Morris) to find the man behind the escapes, but she instead allies with Horatio. Together they scheme to free Ludmilla's father, Sidimir (Peter Gawthorne). …

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