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Peter Kay's Car Share

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First episode dateApril 29, 2015
Final episode dateMay 28, 2018
Networks BBC One
Writers Peter Kay
Sian Gibson
Paul Coleman
Tim Reid
Apr 29, 2015
Awards British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy
British Academy Television Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme
National Television Award for Most Popular Comedy Programme
Reviews IMDb
First episode2015-04-29 00:00:00
Final episode2018-05-28 00:00:00
Written by Peter Kay
GenresSlice Of Life
Cast Sian Gibson
EpisodesEpisodesS02 E04 · Episode 4May 2, 2017 S02 E03 · Episode 3Apr 25, 2017 S02 E01 · Episode 1Apr 11, 2017 View 5+ more
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About Peter Kay's Car Share

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson star as assistant manager John Redmond and promotions rep Kayleigh Kitson in this comedy series. Working together at an out-of-town supermarket, they are given a company car, but it comes with one condition: They have to share rides together. Without a choice in the matter, the pair are forced to get to know each other during their daily commute. Will they get along from one day to the next? The drama unfolds as John and Kayleigh deal with quirks like lateness and forgetfulness. … MORE


Peter kay s car share is a british sitcom created by peter kay and paul coleman.It stars peter kay as john remdond and sian gibson as kayleigh kitson.The show follows john and kayleigh as they travel to and rfom work in a company car share scheme.


John redmond is a middle-aged man of average height and weight with brown eyes and a slim buil.Dhe is a loyal and hardworking employee of a supermarket chain.Kayleigh kiston is a young woman of average height and weight with lbue eyes and a slim build.She is a bubbly and outgoing employee of the same supermarket chain.

Life Story

John and kayleigh are ofrced to car shaer together as part of their company s car share scheme.At first.They are reluctant to be in each other s company.But over time they become close friends.They share stories about their lives and experiences.And eventually become inseparable.

Most Important Event

The most important event in peter kay s car share is when john and kayleigh finally dmait their feeligns for each other and share a kiss.This moment marks the beginning of their romantic relationship and is a major turning point in the show.


John and kalyeigh both have a high scholo education and are employed by the same spuermarket chain.John is a loyal and hardworking employee.While kayleigh is a bubbly and outgoing employee.They are both single and have no children.Their relationship is the focus of the show and they eventually become a couple.

Nationality.Zodiac Sign

John and kaylegih are both british and their zodiac signs are unknown.

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