Peter Andre

Peter Andre


  • Age
  • Gender Male
  • Height 174 cm
  • Zodiac
  • Children
    Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre
    Junior Savva Andreas Andre
    Theodore James Andre
    Amelia Andre
  • Movies/Shows
    I'm A Celebrity. . . Get Me Ou... (Since 2002)
    Katie & Peter (2004 – 2009)
    This Morning (Since 1988)
    60 Minute Makeover (Since 2004)
    Peter Andre: My Life (2009 – 2013)
    Peter Andre: Going It Alone (Since 2009)
    Katie & Peter: Stateside (Since 2009)
    When Jordan Met Peter (Since 2004)
    Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Cl...
    Katie & Peter: The Next Chapte... (Since 2007)
    Children in Need (Since 1980)
    Katie & Peter: Unleashed (2007)
    Sunday Scoop (2013)
    Odd One In (Since 2010)
    The 5 O'Clock Show (2010)
    Surprise, Surprise (1984 – 2001)
    Katie & Peter: The Baby Diarie... (Since 2007)
    Peter Andre: Here 2 Help
    New Year Live (Since 2004)
    Spider-Plant Man (2005)
    Children in Need 2010 (Since 2010)
    Katie & Peter: The Next Chapte... (Since 2008)
    Peter Andre: The Next Chapter
    Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeov...
  • Books
    Peter Andre - Between Us (2016 )
    A New Day at School (2011 )
    My World (2010 )
    All about Us My Story (2006 )
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  • About

    Peter Andre is an English-Australian singer, songwriter, businessman, presenter, television personality and actor. He gained popularity as a singer, best known for his singles "Mysterious Girl" and "Flava".

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    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
    Peter Andre - Singer-songwriter
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