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Gender Male
Age 68
Date of birth January 19,1955
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born Culiacán
Height 170 (cm)
Sponsors Target Corporation
Nike Skateboarding
Parents Paul Rodriguez
Pablo Gutierrez Rodriguez
ChildrenHeaven Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez
Job Actor
Siblings Lucas Rodriguez
Record_labels Virgin Records
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

Dimensions Within Quality Effective Leadership and Other Essays
The Magical Song of Sona and Dora (eBk): Cultural Appreciation, Positive Self-Esteem, Pride, Grit, Bravery, Resourcefulness, Land and Animal Preservation
Kung Fu Peace (of Mind) (eBk): Anti-Bully, Peace, Nonviolence, Respect, Wisdom, Mentorship, Up-Stander
Let's All Play! Character Education/ Anti-Bullying
What Color are You? Thoughts & Drawings
The Magical Song of Sona and Dora: Grutt Class Collabo
Goldysocks and the 5 Bayous (eBk): Compassion, Friendship, Cultural Appreciation, Environmental and Animal Preservation, Ecology, Community, Collaboration
A Good Day at School (eBk): Anti-Bully, Integrity, Trust, Helping Others, Friendship, Honesty, Courage, Up-StanderWhen Rodro Discovers the Thief in His Clas
Let's All Play! (eBk): Anti-Bully, Self-respect, Individuality, Friendship, Empathy, Up-stander, Kindness
Get Slim, Stay Slim Program
Star Spangled Sprinkles, Please! (eBk): Diversity, Freedom of Choice, Respect, Celebrating Our Differences, Friendship, Creativity, Individuality
The Orange Man Dance: Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Conservation, and Human Rights
The Sandwich Boy Rescue (eBk): Family, Friends, Community, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Kindness
The New Swing King (eBk): Empathy, Courage, Friendship, Zest, Anti-Bully, Understanding Autism, Up-stander
I Wanna Dance! (eBk): Peace, Family, Friendship, Celebrating Differences, Global Unity
How to Do a Backspin (eBk): Grit, Achievement, Helping Others, Friendship, Perseverance, Dancing, Hip Hop
Thou Shalt Kill
The Friendly Factory Frenzy: Family, Friendship, Community, Grit, Cooperation, Kindness, Courage
Rodro the Weirdo (eBk): Individuality, Self-Confidence, Pride, Courage, Creativity, Uniqueness, Anti-bullying
Breathless Sleep. . . No More
The Orange Man Dance (eBk): Land and Animal Preservation, Community, Up-Standing, Responsibility, Anti-bully
What Color Are You? (eBk): Diversity, Friendship, Celebrating Differences and Good Character, Creativity, Tolerance, Individuality, Kindness
I Wanna Dance!
Taste Buds to Go (eBk): Cultural Appreciation, Diversity, Curiosity, Exploration, Creativity, Travel, Nutrition
Reflective Practices: Perspectives of Multi-Unicultural School Leaders: Reflective Practices: Perspectives of Multi-Unicultural School Leaders
Goldysocks and the Five Bayous: Compassion, Friendship, Cultural Appreciation, Environmental and Animal Preservation
Pick Me Last! (eBk): Anti-Bully, Diversity, Equality, Reclaiming Respect, Courage, Friendship, Up-Stander
The New Swing King Handbook
Don't Do Drugs! Do Dance! (eBk): Anti-Bully, Drug Awareness, Avoiding Trouble, Fortitude, Ingenuity, Initiative, Courage
Don't Do Drugs! Do Dance!
The Journal of Bloglandia, Volume 1, Issue 1
Brownies for Bedtime: Hunger, Poverty, Compassion, Nutrition, Sharing, Community Service, Initiative
Breast Cancer: What Every Woman Should Know
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Paul Rodriguez Life story

Paul Rodriguez, Sr. is a Mexican-American actor and stand-up comedian.

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